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Google and Samsung Join Hands to Reboot Android Watches With a Touch of Fitbit Too

Are you considering buying a new Smartwatch for your Android Phone? Then you should hold off time the fall of this year. There is good news waiting for you as Google and Samsung have announced a partnership to redesign Google’s Wear OS for watches, and Samsung’s future Galaxy watches will also run on this new software. Fitbit is also preparing its Wear OS app and will bring out its watch too. The news was released at the Google I/O developer conference on Tuesday.

Are you overwhelmed by the news? The possibility of Samsung’s watches moving to Google’s Software was expected but Fitbit’s already a part of Google too much happening too soon but it brings good news for us. It’s like a Justice League of Android Watches which goes head-to-head against the Apple Watch. New collaborations bring new software and changes and it’s hard to determine what exactly all this could add up to. So, to resolve all the confusion around the collaboration and what is happening we did our own digging a little and found out that Samsung is going to make their Android watch later this year and Fitbit will follow after that. Later Samsung’s watches will end up getting all those Fitbit features too. Let’s look at some of the things that are in store with this collaboration.

Google and Samsung Making New Wearable Platform:

The partnership of Google and Samsung looks to be extensive. The two companies are not just co-designing the next version of WearOs, but also changing its technical capabilities that include fitness sensor support and future chipsets for smartwatches.

Now you can notice the app starts up to 30% faster and the performance is allowing you to add several different animations and transitions that are super smooth that was not there before.

The next generation watches will be more cellular ready and they getting a battery life upgrade and looks like they have more fitness and health features. There might be a chance that the platform will be parallel to what Samsung’s already been building upon its recent Galaxy Watch Active wearables.

Google’s app for wear OS is also getting new updates. Now the new feature will also allow the Google Map will run without the phone. Also, YouTube music is getting an offline mode and so is Spotify.

Samsung’s Next Watches will run on Google Software:

So, the new Samsung Watches are going to run this new version of Google Wear OS. They have confirmed the rumors that have been speculated for months now. These watches will use the Google Play store for apps, but not only this Samsung’s original apps will also be making the transition to the new OS. Also, according to Samsung, there are some galaxy features, services On Galaxy Stores will also be available through the Google Play store on the new unified Platform.

Samsung has confirmed that the new Galaxy Watch with Wear OS will still have the same rotating bezel design. In this new collaboration, Samsung will continue to give the best experience that consumers loved on previous Galaxy smartwatches, such as the rotating bezel UX.

What about Fitbit?

Google acquired Fitbit which was the deal finalized earlier this year. Now Google has announced the first process of their collaboration which involves the Fitbit apps appearing on Wear OS later this year. Fitbit is also deciding to release its Wear OS Watch which is likely to be released next year. In this, they will be using More advanced chips with the Google-Samsung OS design. It is said that they will include extra features such as Google’s entire app ecosystem and cellular support which will make it more advanced.

The drawback is that in the case of Fitbit, the app that is available on Wear OS will have the features slowly trickle in. The focus of this year is on snapshots of activity in addition to exercise modes and fitness-goal celebrations. The features of heart rate or sleep tracking will not be available. You have to purchase one of the Fitbit fitness trackers to avail these features. And Fitbit’s health platforms and Google fit have no plans of merging yet. But you can expect it soon. Until then Fitbit and Fit are two separate apps.

The solution to Android Watch Fragmentation:

Picking any technology in this world has been difficult in this era and one of those techniques is a smartwatch. Google’s Wear OS aimed to become one of the best watches years ago but it didn’t really reach its full potential but now the landscape has fragmented with Samsung’s Galaxy Watches, plus Fitbit and Google all joining hands to produce one good Wearable watch.

Samsung also partnered with Google once in 2014 with Gear life but this time it looks a lot deeper and focused on bringing bigger and better things to the table. Maybe this is a step that takes Pixel-watches to the next step where they were meant to be.

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SOURCE: Google and Samsung Join Hands to Reboot Android Watches With a Touch of FitbitToo


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