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How to Fix Canon Printer Error Code 5200

Canon has always been the most popular brand that produces a great variety of electronic products. And out of all the devices, Canon printers are the most widely used devices as they include multiple great printing functionalities. However, most of the time, Canon printers work just fine, but sometimes, there can be some circumstances whereContinue reading “How to Fix Canon Printer Error Code 5200”

Top 4 Best Virtual Surround Sound Apps for Gaming

Surround sound is one of the most exciting audio formats available. Yes, stereo is sufficient to provide a pleasant feeling of direction and virtual surround. When used with decent headphones, it may also effectively simulate a true surround experience, but nothing beats the real thing. If you want to build your own surround sound system,Continue reading “Top 4 Best Virtual Surround Sound Apps for Gaming”

Check Who Took a Screenshot or Viewed Your Snapchat Story: Here’s How

Snapchat Stories disappear once when you see them. However, you can take a screenshot of some other user’s Story. Here is how you can check for any screenshots. If you are a Snapchat user, it is effortless for you to check who took a screenshot of your Story or viewed it. Snapchat users can easilyContinue reading “Check Who Took a Screenshot or Viewed Your Snapchat Story: Here’s How”

Troubleshoot Canon Printer Error Code E56

Canon printers offer the superb print quality and excellent modern features that other printers fail to offer. Whether you are searching for a printer for your office needs or home, Canon printers will suit all your needs. A new Canon printer buyer may get disappointed when they see the error code E56 on their CanonContinue reading “Troubleshoot Canon Printer Error Code E56”

3 Effective Solutions to Error P07 on Canon Printer

Has the error code P07 emerged on your Canon printer? Are you looking for some effective solutions to fix it? If yes, you have landed on the right page. You may have read several solutions on online sites and forums, but those solutions may not be effective. We have shared three great solutions in theContinue reading “3 Effective Solutions to Error P07 on Canon Printer”

Gamesir X2 Bluetooth Mobile Controller Review

The trend of mobile gaming over the past few years can’t be neglected. When there is much shovelware on the Google Play Store, there are also a few excellent games. And when you learn about Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass cloud streaming, the figure of good games only increases. But mostly, games weren’t developed with touch controls inContinue reading “Gamesir X2 Bluetooth Mobile Controller Review”

Google and Samsung Join Hands to Reboot Android Watches With a Touch of Fitbit Too

Are you considering buying a new Smartwatch for your Android Phone? Then you should hold off time the fall of this year. There is good news waiting for you as Google and Samsung have announced a partnership to redesign Google’s Wear OS for watches, and Samsung’s future Galaxy watches will also run on this newContinue reading “Google and Samsung Join Hands to Reboot Android Watches With a Touch of Fitbit Too”

Check Out These Hidden Features of WhatsApp

These hidden features of WhatsApp will save the user’s time. It also made chatting easier. Moreover, these features of WhatsApp can prove to be very effective for the professional world. The Instant Messaging app continues to release new updates for the convenience of WhatsApp users. Today, we are going to introduce you to some ofContinue reading “Check Out These Hidden Features of WhatsApp”

Google’s New Security Feature For The Users On Chrome 91

The Internet has, in reality, made our life simpler during the difficult times when most from across the globe are telecommuting or perusing the web for reading and amusement. To make it a more secure spot for its users, Google has recently announced the new security features for the Enhanced Safe Browsing for users onContinue reading “Google’s New Security Feature For The Users On Chrome 91”