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Gamesir X2 Bluetooth Mobile Controller Review

The trend of mobile gaming over the past few years can’t be neglected. When there is much shovelware on the Google Play Store, there are also a few excellent games. And when you learn about Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass cloud streaming, the figure of good games only increases. But mostly, games weren’t developed with touch controls in the brain. They were designed for controllers. So, if you play them, you’ll desire to get a mobile controller to obtain the best experience possible.

I just tested out Gamesir’s latest offering. The X2 Bluetooth mobile controller was immediately impressed, though, not amazed, at how better it made mobile gaming. Taking indications from the Nintendo Switch, the X2 rolls around your smartphone and elevates it in the center. So, that you don’t require a separate controller clip, it is the controller clip. It has some drawbacks that might put you away from it as simple as this design can be.

Gamesir X2 Controller: Price and Availability

Gamesir released the Bluetooth model of the X2 mobile controller in May 2021 that costs $60. This price is pretty less than its USB-C model. Similar to most such gaming gears, you can buy them on Amazon. But other e-commerce platforms such as Walmart or Best Buy haven’t listed it yet. The The Bluetooth model is only available in a dark grey color variant.

Gamesir X2 Bluetooth Mobile Controller: What’s Fantastic

Unlike other controllers, the Bluetooth controller can support most of the best gaming mobile phones. No matter what the model or brand is, it only requires a phone to be up to 173mm in length. And as it pairs via Bluetooth, you don’t need to tense about taking off your phone’s case when using it.

Though, it doesn’t comprise a USB slot physically connecting the phone to the controller. The clamp is tight enough to always protect my smartphone, with or without its case. The rubber grip prevents my phone from sliding at all.

Bluetooth pairings can be pettish, at least in my case, so I was glad when it gets connected easily. All I was required to do was press the home button and “A” to start connecting it with my phone. After it’s connected the first time, it instantaneously connects every time you turn it on thereafter. I was never required to navigate into my Bluetooth settings and troubleshoot. And I didn’t face any observable lag in-game. However, sometimes button taps on the Xbox Game Pass application menu could take a while to register.

Gamesir X2 Bluetooth Mobile Controller: Required Improvements

I didn’t feel that the A and B buttons would create a problem until I held the X2 controller. I’m so habitual to holding my Switch and tapping A on the right. So, I constantly returned out of menus as I was accidentally tapping B on the X2. When the A button is on the bottom, so near to the right thumbstick, it makes it difficult to use. I would have opted for a Nintendo Switch model.

Its low vibrating motors were also something I wouldn’t have imagined before using it in-game. I tested out the X2 primarily using Xbox Game Pass for Android. In titles like Fallout 4 or Skyrim, where the vibrations are necessary, it finishes up, making simple tasks much difficult. This won’t make or break your gaming experience in most titles. But I realized it is worth noting.

Perhaps this is a “me problem,” but I don’t think this sort of controller is great for shooting games. My thoughts are similar for the Nintendo Switch too. It doesn’t feel adequate, especially when trying to target in first-person. If I were playing Call of Duty Mobile, I’d rather choose a phone clip for my DualSense or Xbox controllers.

Gamesir X2 Bluetooth Mobile Controller: Competitors

Gamesir’s most significant competition is possibly the Razer Kishi. Several think the Kishi to be the best when it comes to mobile controllers with closely distinct build features. Like the X2, the Kishi is made almost similar to a Nintendo Switch. One of its major downsides is that it ranges between $80 to $100 based on the model you buy. And you can’t put your phone in its case while using it.

Curious about Gamesir’s offering? But not sure if its Bluetooth controller is right for you, it also sells USB-C models. These USB-C models are almost identical. The Gamesir X2 USB-C removes input lag and avails a better face button design like the Nintendo Switch.

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SOURCE: Gamesir X2 Bluetooth Mobile Controller Review


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