The Woman In The Window: 5 Ways We’re Excited

The Woman in the Window is an upcoming thriller movie directed by Joe Wright. This film is an adaptation to a novel of the same name. The author of the novel is A. J. Finn. This movie was scheduled to release on October 4, 2019, but it was delayed because of the COVID-19 pandemic and due to re-editing after test screenings. Amy Adams is playing the role of Dr. Anna Fox, and Julianne Moore is playing the role of Jane in this film.

It would be an excellent movie full of suspense, and the story of the film revolves around the depths of human psychology. In this way, there are several reasons to be excited about this film. Here are some of the reasons and ways for our excitement regarding this film.

Amy Adams

Amy Adams is one of the best actresses in Hollywood. She is currently the most regarded actress of her generation. She has a great fan following, and she is one of the reasons for our excitement to watch the film The Woman in the Window. She is a talented actress and perfectly able to manage all types of roles she gets to play in her movies, such as comedy, drama, etc. Therefore, it is somewhat confirmed that she will be going to deliver another excellent performance in this upcoming film.

Julianne Moore

Julianne Moore is another best actress in Hollywood. Moore is one of those actresses who has almost all the blockbuster movies in her carrier. Her grace and power as an actress are unbeatable in Hollywood today. She is surely going to make this film another blockbuster of her carrier.

Gary Oldman

Gary Oldman is one of the best actors in Hollywood. Oldman is one of those actors who can be considered as a shapeshifter. He has very different and unique abilities and can play all kinds of roles aligned to him. He can inhibit the skin of the person that he is portraying. Thus, there are several possibilities that he will probably do the same in this upcoming movie.

Joe Wright’s Great Track Record

Joe Wright is one of the best directors in Hollywood who has successfully managed to adapt several excellent novels to the big screen. He holds a great experience in getting to the depth of a story and then makes a film on that story, which results in a blockbuster in most of the cases. We hope this film will also be like his other movies.

It Sounds Suspenseful

The Woman in the Window has one of the best storylines that most of the fans desire. The film has a storyline full of suspense and thrill. It will make the audience continuously try to figure out what is going on. In this way, this movie seems very exciting and full of suspense.

After discussing some reasons for our excitement regarding the film, The Woman in the Window, we have concluded that this film is certainly going to be a blockbuster because it includes one of the best actors, actresses, and even directors. The storyline of this film is also fantastic. Therefore, this film is very exciting.

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SOURCE: The Woman In The Window: 5 Ways We’re Excited

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