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Everything You Need to Know About the New Privacy Controls on Alexa

Recently, Amazon announced new Alexa privacy controls, alongside its launch of a bizarre flying Ring indoor camera drone. So, what’s new in the privacy controls of Amazon Alexa?

Now you can configure Alexa not to save any of your voice recordings, and none of your voice recordings will get saved. This is definitely a much more advanced option compared to what it was previously. The auto-deletion can be opted only after three or 18 months. The settings for the same can be found in the Alexa app. Just go to Settings, tap on More, select alexa Privacy, and then move to the Manage Your Alexa Data Menu. Here, you need to select Automatically delete recordings.

No doubt you will get a warning message that deleting the recordings “May degrade Alexa’s ability to understand and respond,” but it will hardly make any difference in the functioning of Alexa.

But supposing your Alexa devices become unresponsive, you always have the option to switch back to three months, 18 months, or only when you deleted them.

Even after you delete all of your voice recordings, all the Alexa request transcripts will still be there for 30 days before they get deleted permanently. However, you can also delete them manually before 30 days, if required. You can do it by going to More Settings , and selecting the Alexa Privacy. Tap on Review Voice History and then you need to select the date range. You get all the options for deletion like today, yesterday, this week, this month, and also if required, custom. Once selected the data for deletion, if you have “Enable deletion by voice” turned on, you can ask Alexa to delete the selected data by saying “Alexa delete everything I’ve said.”

Stop Alexa from Getting Triggered

Smart speakers getting triggered when you haven’t intended for it is a problem every one of us might have encountered at times. You cannot make use of any personal wake word; instead, you have to choose from among the four provided by Amazon. They are Alexa, Amazon, Computer and Echo.

You may make changes in the wake words according to the device you are using. No matter whatever wake word you have opted for, always keep in mind, if you have turned on the follow-up mode, your wake-up word will be disabled by default, and your device will wait and listen for five seconds more after it answers and it will respond even without the need of the wake word.

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SOURCE: Everything You Need to Know About the New Privacy Controls on Alexa


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