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The open-world N64 game you likely never played

The Nintendo 64 and the PlayStation opened up a new dimension in gaming. 3D polygons, game developers have crafted large and open worlds. However, the open-world games existed before the digital polygon was invented, but the open-world format faded away after that. One open-world N64 game failed to impress most of the gamers despite its available design. It is one of many projects that went through the development process. This open-world N64 project is very certain.

Body Harvest

DMA design can be an excellent choice for gamers. Although the name does not sound familiar, it is currently known as Rockstar North. An open-world title for the N64 was once made by the company responsible for the most famous game, Grand Theft Auto. This open-world game is known as Body Harvest.

The game Body Harvest is about the futuristic year of 2016. According to this game, alien bugs invaded the Earth for the previous 100 years, in 25-year intervals. It allows players to travel back to different times and locations to squash the bugs and liberate humanity. Also, the game includes various vehicles, and you can access all of them to save as many humans as you can and kill the boss of each open level.

The game was supposed to be available on the store in the year 1996 as an N64 launch title. Nintendo wanted to publish the game Body Harvest, but soon the company realized that the game would clash with its family-friendly image and that is why it demanded several changes and finally dropped the idea of publishing it. Later, after two more years, the publisher of this game was changed and Body Harvest was finally released by DMA, and the fans forgot about this.

When the N64 was introduced to the gaming world, people were shocked to see how the graphics came to life. The concept of 3D gaming has brought us closer to the characters and stories we already loved. Two of the most highlighted titles for this system were Mario and Pokemon. They brought characters to life in a way we had not seen before. We have grown up by playing these games. For example, Jet Force Gemini will always remain one of the most unique and entertaining experiences on the Nintendo 64. It was developed by Rare – the studio also responsible for GoldenEye, Perfect Dark, and Battletoads.

After learning about all the N64 games and the games we never played, we have concluded that open-world N64 games have somewhere failed to leave a mark on most of the gamers, however, we have made a list of all the best N64 games based on their genre, and most of them have been played by us.

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SOURCE: The open-world N64 game you likely never played


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