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Jaybird’s Vista 2 Review: A New Fitness-Focused Earbuds

Jaybird Vista 2 are wireless successors to the Jaybird vista and are the best running headphones you can buy today. The Jaybird Vista launched back in 2020. However, the tremendous upgrades do make the Vista 2 a much more grounded alternative for anybody searching for probably the best evident wireless earbuds. The main goal of these earbuds is to offer workout-friendly buds. The best wireless earbuds for exercise & listening at home or office.

Audio quality isn’t the No. 1 thing you’re searching for in exercise buds. The Vista 2 have an IP68 rating, making them more residue, sweat, and water-resistant than your normal pair of earbuds. They’ve likewise got a higher military durability standard than the past Vista. This time around, Jaybird has additionally stretched out that to the case, which is currently rated IP54. The objective here stays as before; to offer exercise-friendly buds, convey solid audio quality, and give you a lot in the way of battery life as well. 

These earbuds are very lightweight. Jaybird Vista 2 adds ANC and offers long battery life. With the help of the Find, My Buds feature, you can track the case. It also supports wireless charging.

Price and release date 

Jaybird Vista 2 is available at $199.99/£189.99 (about AU$260) and is launched on 8 June 2021. That is up from the $179.99/£159.99/AU$299 value that the Jaybird Vista launched at and places them in competition with any semblance of the Jabra Elite Active 75t, Sony WF-SP800N, and Bose Sport Earbuds. 

Jaybird Vista 2 is available in Black, Nimbus Gray, and Alloy Blue color options.

Jaybird’s Vista2 design

The first Jaybird Vista earbuds proceeded with that pattern with its wing and ear tips combo offering that solid fit just as a subtle design. Jaybird Vista 2 is a comfy fit earbud with IP68 water and dust resistance. These earbuds have touch-sensitive controls. They offer a decent, secure-fit wireless earbud. 

With the Vista 2, Jaybird has generally adhered to a similar look, making some little design changes that improve them appropriate for work out.

At the point when you lift the buds out of the charging case, they do feel somewhat heavier than the first Vista, likely because of the extra new in-ear motion sensors alongside the microphones that showed up on the first Vista.

It’s not the sort of added weight you truly feel once they’re in the ears, though. One recognizable change contrasted with the first Vista is a more textured finish outside of each bud. Jaybird calls this WindDefense fabric, which is included to help prevent wind from meddling with accepting calls. We didn’t get the chance to fight especially breezy conditions as we were hit with a small heatwave during our tests, yet any assistance to keep the breeze under control without compromising off the bud design.

The outside of the buds likewise has a progression of tap and touch-sensitive controls, allowing you to stop your music, reject calls, skip tracks, or double-tap to turn on the ambient mode. Another little design expansion worth featuring is the raised surface around the L and R to help distinguish the buds. It’s a pleasant touch for visually impaired users specifically. 

It has a pocket-accommodating case or one you can toss into the back pocket of your shorts, and it will not feel like a significant weight to carry. 

Jaybird’s Vista 2 Audio performance

Audio performance is Incredible, warm solid, EQ can be adjusted, and ANC could be better. The first Vista earbuds sounded very great during indoor and outside exercises. However, we felt like they could do with a kick in the power and loudness division, especially if you like paying attention to bassier, more uptempo music for runs and exercises. While the Jaybird Vista 2 actually stays with similar 6mm drivers as their predecessors, there is all in all an improvement and large, strong quality.

There’s a decent degree of detail and great clearness for calls and for the podcast. Jaybird offers an EQ. It pays off to invest some energy messing with the EQ choices to get a seriously rewarding sound profile that suits your ears. 

Jaybird’s Vista2 Battery life 

As far as battery life, Jaybird promises 33% more than the first Vista earbuds. It offers eight hours of battery charging from earbuds, 24 hours from the charging case, and it is simple to set up.

The earbuds are quite reliable and come up with IP68 water and dust resistance rating, which is great for the customers with the sweaty workout. We liked the features of the Jaybird’s Vista2 and hope you too like them

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