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HP Printer Error Code 49: How to Fix the Problem in Printer?

HP printer error code 49 is one of the common error codes that occur while printing. You usually get the issue reported on the control panel of the printer. Seeing this error code might put you in confusion about why did this happen and how to fix the situation. And before you start fixing the printer with anything that might damage it more. You should dig up the root cause of the error.

The error occurs due to the internal communication error codes, and it happens often. This means you must learn the methods on how you can fix the HP printer error code 49. If the problem is not taken care of at the right time, it may take a critical turn. Also, the formatted processor can delay the regular operations of the printer. So, to avoid future disasters, we have brought absolute solutions with different methods. This way, you can fix your problem if one method does not result in success. 

Causes behind the HP Printer Error 49:

Before start with the methods, we have gathered some of the pointers for you. These pointers will guide you about the kind of error your printer is displaying. Here we have mentioned some of the reasons why the error happens, such as:

  • Sometimes it happens due to the “invalid print commands.”
  • The error could occur due to the “damaged data transfer.”
  • And also happens when “invalid operations” bother the printer’s system.
  • The last reason why this error displays on the printer is “registry errors.” 

Let’s take a look at the methods on how you can fix the error code, such as:

Method 1: Restart the Printer

  • The first step is to turn off the printer and then unplug all the communication cables like USB, parallel cable, or any kind of network. 
  • On the second attempt, give your printer at least 30 seconds of break. And then turn the printer back on. 

Once you have tried this method, your printer should be ready to run again without displaying any error. But if your printer is still showing the error, then it is probably due to the communication error between network and computer. You should immediately move on to the next method. 

Method 2: Work on Printer Management 

  • On the second method, let’s start with disconnecting the printer, including the accessories and communications cables. Disconnect everything like memory, extra trays, duplexer (if removable), envelope feeder, and EIO cards. 
  • Once removing everything, turn on the printer, and the issue has disappeared. Then reinstall all parts one at a time to find the cause of the error. 
  • As the last step, keep in mind, you will need to upgrade the firmware to fix the error code 49.

Method 3: NVRAM Initialization 

On the third method attempt, you will need to operate NVRAM initialization or a cold reset method. If your printer is still stuck on error 49 after attempting methods 1 and 2. Let’s take a look at how method 3 works, such as:

  • With the help of cold reset, all the stored memory settings will be erased. For instance, internal or external settings, control panel settings, and jet direct settings. It will bring the printer back to the default factory settings. 
  • However, the NVRAM initialization seems more exclusive, and it will clear all the internal memories. For instance, existing error logs and other possible counters as well. 

If the error is still there, then you must seek professional technical support before it’s too late for the printer. 

Method 4: Upgrading Printer Driver

If none of the above solutions can help you, then try method four. You will need to upgrade printer drivers. For those wondering about what is drivers in printers, it is a software program. This software program allows external devices to interact with the operating system like Mac, Windows, etc. 

When you purchased the printer, you must have gotten an installation disk. You should try to use that disk to install the drivers for the printer. Now after installing the drivers, try printing documents, and examine if the issue still bothers the printer. 

Note: When we talk about drivers, you should know that HP laserjet printers use PCL drivers. 

HP printers are built with various options like they can record the error code and show it on the computer screen. So, you will be able to fix the error code. It is often reported that error 49 may be the cause behind several disaster printing results. For instance, firmware, varied invalid operations, lousy printing command, formatted, corrupted knowledge. And sometimes, it affects the potential of the printer due to the memory accessories or EIO card. 

With printers, our work gets easier and quicker, but due to some common errors, the process is interrupted. And error code 49 is one of the very common problems. But you should not worry much. We have brought effective solutions to fix the printer. However, it may happen that none of the above solutions will be able to fix the error code. In that case, you should immediately seek professional help, as your printer might be having a critical hardware problem. 

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