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Two Exciting Features Are Coming on WhatsApp

In terms of upgrades and new features, Facebook family applications do not disappoint, and WhatsApp beta programs are continuously adding new functionality. After testing the features with beta users, WhatsApp makes them available to everyone. Two new features will be added to the messaging platform soon, allowing users to enjoy a better chatting experience. TheContinue reading “Two Exciting Features Are Coming on WhatsApp”

Check Out These Hidden Features of WhatsApp

These hidden features of WhatsApp will save the user’s time. It also made chatting easier. Moreover, these features of WhatsApp can prove to be very effective for the professional world. The Instant Messaging app continues to release new updates for the convenience of WhatsApp users. Today, we are going to introduce you to some ofContinue reading “Check Out These Hidden Features of WhatsApp”

Best Android Apps to Read Deleted WhatsApp Messages

To err is human. Anyone can make the mistake of deleting WhatsApp messages. Have you ever deleted your WhatsApp messages unknowingly and tried to recover them but remained unsuccessful in doing so? If your answer to the question is “Yes”, There is no need to worry! You can now recover the deleted WhatsApp messages inContinue reading “Best Android Apps to Read Deleted WhatsApp Messages”