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5 Best Movies From the 90s About Relationships

Hollywood has a history of producing classic romantic movies, and if we look back, we find that the 90s have contributed a lot to this glorious history. The decade of the 90s was when one after another, Hollywood supplied a lot of romantic movies to the screen, and many of them set different benchmarks inContinue reading “5 Best Movies From the 90s About Relationships”

How to Deal with the Account Action Required Notification on Your Phone?

It can be pretty annoying when a notification keeps flashing on your smartphone again and again. One of the best examples is the ‘Account Action Required’ notification from Google Play services. The big question is, why does this notification keep annoying you? Well, there can be more than one reasons as listed below: You changedContinue reading “How to Deal with the Account Action Required Notification on Your Phone?”

How to Watch Disney Plus on a Desktop

There could be many reasons you would want to watch Disney Plus on your desktop rather than a TV. Maybe, your television is not functional at the time, or might want to pass your time on a flight by watching your favorite content, or simply because you like it on a compact screen. Fortunately, DisneyContinue reading “How to Watch Disney Plus on a Desktop”

What Is a Chromebook and How You Can Monitor Its System Performance?

Chromebooks are known for its easy-to-use interface and bloat-free operating system. Chromebooks are relatively cheaper than traditional laptops and computers. Any mid-range Windows laptop will cost you around four times the price of a Chromebook. If your work involves using Chrome and cloud based software, then Chromebook is more than sufficient for you. So whetherContinue reading “What Is a Chromebook and How You Can Monitor Its System Performance?”

Google Tests a New Car Mode UI for the Google Maps App

Recently Google has added a new feature in Google Maps, which is known as the “Covid-19 layer,” and now Google is all set to launch a new care mode UI for Google Maps. The new interface is currently in beta testing and is available to only a few Google Maps users. The new interface willContinue reading “Google Tests a New Car Mode UI for the Google Maps App”

How to Fix Audio or Sound Problem on Skype

Most of us use apps like Skype, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, etc. for conducting and attending meetings with our teammates. But what if we are unable to communicate with our teammates during the online meeting? Frustrating, right? So, if you are also facing this issue on Skype, then you have come to the right place becauseContinue reading “How to Fix Audio or Sound Problem on Skype”

Five Best Media Players for Windows 10

Windows 10 is one of the most stable and secure operating systems, which is quick and easy to use. Despite amazing features, Windows 10 falls short when it comes to media players. The media player offered by Microsoft in Windows 10 does not support various media formats and file types. In this article, we willContinue reading “Five Best Media Players for Windows 10”

Best Applications for Video Editing

Video advertising is used by a lot of marketers nowadays because it is one of the highest forms of content consumed by viewers daily on the internet. But to attract viewers, your video quality should be top-notch. Lousy quality videos do not increase the engagement rate. Good quality video connects with the audience much faster,Continue reading “Best Applications for Video Editing”

Times When Merrick and Copley Were the Most Annoying in Netflix’s The Old Guard

The Old Guard on Netflix is an action drama that tells a tale of a bunch of mercenaries who are immortals and have ensured their survival for centuries by fighting wars for money. While some characters received all the favor from the audience, some characters existed in the movie only to make bad decisions andContinue reading “Times When Merrick and Copley Were the Most Annoying in Netflix’s The Old Guard”

How to Fix iTunes Error 0xe80000a in Windows and Macbook

iTunes is an excellent application for buying and listening to songs on Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad, and MacBook. If you are using the iOS device, you need to know that iTunes has in-built tools to fix issues, but several users reported that they had faced iTunes error code “0xe80000a” on their Windows operatingContinue reading “How to Fix iTunes Error 0xe80000a in Windows and Macbook”