Fix: Turn off Auto Select on Mouse

Sometimes, you may find your mouse behaving erratically and choosing icons or taking action even when you are only hovering the cursor. This issue may happen due to the auto-select feature on your Windows 10 device. If you are facing the same on your system, then here are some directions given below. Check the PCContinue reading “Fix: Turn off Auto Select on Mouse”

The Best E-Readers in 2020

It is not easy to carry bundles of books with you, but e-readers can help you in it. E-readers allow you to read your favorite books at any time, and it is effortless to carry. Today we will share some e-readers that you can consider to buy. But before sharing the e-readers, let’s have aContinue reading “The Best E-Readers in 2020”

How to Disable Adobe AcroTray.exe From Starting at Boot?

The Adobe Acrobat Distiller helper app is a part of the entire Adobe Acrobat suite. It is used for opening and converting PDF files to various formats. The application is automatically loaded at startup. If you want to disable Adobe AcroTray.exe from starting at boot, then follow the steps mentioned below. Via Task Manager YouContinue reading “How to Disable Adobe AcroTray.exe From Starting at Boot?”

How to Restrict the Battery Consumption of Apple Music

iOS is home to millions of apps that can be downloaded from the App store. Some of these apps however come preinstalled on the devices. One of the most extensively used applications among all is Apple Music. As by the name denotes, it is a music application that has an extensive collection of tracks andContinue reading “How to Restrict the Battery Consumption of Apple Music”

How to Access Ambient Mode on Your Android Device

Google Assistant has a fantastic feature known as Ambient Mode that converts your phone display into a smart display. It works while you connect your phone to the charger. It is no doubt one of the helpful and entertaining functions on your device. Whether you want to turn your device into a digital smart photoContinue reading “How to Access Ambient Mode on Your Android Device”

How to Pair AirPods with Windows 10

Windows 10 is the latest version of Microsoft Windows operating system.This version comes with a lot of improvements and free upgrades. A lot of new features are available on Windows 10 like user interface, systems security, storage, command line, online services and functionalities, game, various fonts, languages, and more. All the upgrades and updates areContinue reading “How to Pair AirPods with Windows 10”

How to Enter the Konami Code and Unlock the Vic Viper Charm in Dead by Daylight

Finally, Behaviour Interactive has met the requirements of the gamers. Thus, Dead by Daylight finally gets a new DLC after a long time and it is known as Silent Hill. The newly arrived DLC has changed the game aspects a lot and it mainly includes new characters such as Cheryl Mason and the antagonist PyramidContinue reading “How to Enter the Konami Code and Unlock the Vic Viper Charm in Dead by Daylight”

Instagram Live: A Step by Step Guide for Businesses

Instagram Live is a remarkable feature by Instagram to gain followers and to sell your products.  Going live on Instagram not only allows you to engage with your followers but also helps in getting full public attention. Once you connect with the audience through this feature, you can then showcase your recently launched products forContinue reading “Instagram Live: A Step by Step Guide for Businesses”

Why Batman Really Killed the Joker in the Arrowverse

The rivalry between the Joker and Batman has been age-old, and throughout the various universes of the DC Comics, the outcome of this matchup comes to a standstill as Batman has sworn that he will never take a life and Joker continuously drives Batman to the very edge of his psyche for him to snap.Continue reading “Why Batman Really Killed the Joker in the Arrowverse”

Learn How to Optimize GIFs on GIPHY

GIPHY is a medium that allows its users to search and share soundless short videos that resemble the animated GIF files. The digital market has witnessed the rise in the use of GIFs in branding and networking in recent years as they bring out a little chuckle with some pieces of information. Google keeps rankingContinue reading “Learn How to Optimize GIFs on GIPHY”

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