Razer Basilisk V3 Review

Razer makes a multitude of gaming mice, and Basilisk is one of the most popular. Basilisk V3 is a new, improved variant that the firm is releasing today. Razer has tweaked the design significantly, added a new sensor and free-spinning scroll wheel, and thrown in some more RGB for good measure. It’s not Basilisk UltraContinue reading “Razer Basilisk V3 Review”

How to Fix “Windows Can’t Find One of the Files in This Theme” Error?

A Windows Theme is a visual pattern that predefined the collection of wallpaper, icons, pointer, screensaver, sounds, or color styles that form the PC’s looks. Some Windows users report randomly receiving the ‘Windows cannot find one of the files in this theme’ error pop-up with no possible action that might have lead to this scenario.Continue reading “How to Fix “Windows Can’t Find One of the Files in This Theme” Error?”

The Best Android Launcher for your Smartphone: Nova Launcher 7

This update in Nova Launcher has been released on the much newer version of launcher 3. It has allowed the developers to do and customize a lot more. In other words, every part of Nova’s code has been changed. You will get tons of exciting and new features. You can download it from APK mirror,Continue reading “The Best Android Launcher for your Smartphone: Nova Launcher 7”

A Guide to Fix a Cracked Phone Screen

If you don’t use any protective case on your mobile phone, then scratches and cracks are unavoidable events for your phone. And unfortunately, if your phone screen gets cracks or scratches, you go to a repair shop to repair your smartphone. But we want to inform you that you can try some DIY hacks toContinue reading “A Guide to Fix a Cracked Phone Screen”

A Guide to Electronically Sign (eSign) Documents

In the world of computers and the internet, everything is going digital and paperless. People are sending and receiving documents in electronic formats through the internet. In the trend of sending and receiving documents digitally, the electronic sign facility has also helped people in signing a document without needing to get hard copies to signContinue reading “A Guide to Electronically Sign (eSign) Documents”

A Complete Guide on using Appointment Slots in Google Calendar

Do you know how to use appointment slots in Google Calendar? If not, then stay with this post. This post will be a complete guide for you about using appointment slots in Google Calendar.  If you have to meet someone and don’t want to miss it anyhow, you can easily do it by blocking thatContinue reading “A Complete Guide on using Appointment Slots in Google Calendar”

Here is everything about Blocking a number on Android

Are you frustrated from getting unknown calls on your Android phone? Don’t worry. We are here to help you to get rid of any stranger calls. In this digital age, it is in your hand whether you want to get a particular call on your phone or not. We will walk you through a stepwiseContinue reading “Here is everything about Blocking a number on Android”

How to Resolve Skype not Calling Issue on Windows 10 and 11?

Skype is the most popular app for scheduling office and class meetings. It is mostly used by enterprises, businesses, and schools to make a network of all. Skype calling is the most prominent feature where you can make calls to people. What if you can’t make a call on Skype? We have curated some stepsContinue reading “How to Resolve Skype not Calling Issue on Windows 10 and 11?”

A Complete Guide to Downgrade your iPhone

Have you recently upgraded your iPhone but are not happy with the new upgrade? Here is a solution for you. A software downgrade may help you get the older version of iOS. In simple terms, as you upgrade a device for the significant enhancement to the software, just like a downgrade helps you to revertContinue reading “A Complete Guide to Downgrade your iPhone”

Do a Single Click and Open Multiple Websites on Windows 10

Using some websites regularly is common to many internet lovers. If you are one of those, then how do you open those websites? If you don’t know any method to open them at once, obviously, you will open them one by one. But now the time has come to forget this tradition of opening websitesContinue reading “Do a Single Click and Open Multiple Websites on Windows 10”

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