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Enable Safari Private Browsing Mode in iOS 15 on Your iPhone

Are you an Apple device user, or are you planning to get an iPhone or iPad? Apple is a big brand that is well-known for designing smartphones, computers, and laptops. All Apple devices come with multiple great features that work to provide the best experience to their users. And among all other gadgets, iPhones andContinue reading “Enable Safari Private Browsing Mode in iOS 15 on Your iPhone”

PUBG New State: Release Date and Info

There is a new PUBG game coming to mobile called PUBG: New State. It is coming to Android and iOS later this year. It will offer an exclusive map. PUBG New State contains ultra-realistic graphics, and it is optimized for mobile Krafton is slowly releasing info for PUBG: New State. They have released a trailerContinue reading “PUBG New State: Release Date and Info”

Fix: Netflix Not Loading on Sony Smart TV

You suddenly get a blank screen whenever you try to launch the Netflix app on your Sony smart TV. Numerous users are reporting about this and asking for solutions. If you deal with the same issue with your Netflix app, you can follow the mentioned instructions because there are several reasons behind this issue, suchContinue reading “Fix: Netflix Not Loading on Sony Smart TV”

Google Calendar Tips to Increase Your Productivity

Google Calendar can turn any unorganized person into an efficient person. This calendar does more than just reminding you what day it is today. You can schedule meetings, embed them on the website, and coordinate with multiple calendars. Google Calendar is a time management & scheduling tool created by Google. You can perform a lotContinue reading “Google Calendar Tips to Increase Your Productivity”

HostPro Review: The Right Choice for Russian and Ukrainian Users

HostPro was released in 2001. At that time, it was the very first web hosting organization from Ukraine to give cloud hosting services with HTTP/2 enabled. It played an important role in HostPro’s popularity across Europe. The main motto of HostPto is in its tagline, “Powered by excellence and strong work ethic.” Its target statement has made it takeContinue reading “HostPro Review: The Right Choice for Russian and Ukrainian Users”

Make Reels on Instagram with Photos on Mobile

We all know that Reels are videos on Instagram. But what if someone wants to make reels out of their photos? People sometimes want to add their photos of travel or something fun in the Instagram reel. So, you might be here with that question: can you make it? We have the answer for you,Continue reading “Make Reels on Instagram with Photos on Mobile”

10 Best WordPress Plugins to Deal with Typography & Fonts

Various elements play an essential role in web designing and require complete attention. Typography is one such important element that can leave a bad impression on your readers if used wrongly. It plays a significant role in web design by improving readability. In simple terms, typography can be defined as the art of arranging textContinue reading “10 Best WordPress Plugins to Deal with Typography & Fonts”

Check Who Took a Screenshot or Viewed Your Snapchat Story: Here’s How

Snapchat Stories disappear once when you see them. However, you can take a screenshot of some other user’s Story. Here is how you can check for any screenshots. If you are a Snapchat user, it is effortless for you to check who took a screenshot of your Story or viewed it. Snapchat users can easilyContinue reading “Check Who Took a Screenshot or Viewed Your Snapchat Story: Here’s How”

Two Exciting Features Are Coming on WhatsApp

In terms of upgrades and new features, Facebook family applications do not disappoint, and WhatsApp beta programs are continuously adding new functionality. After testing the features with beta users, WhatsApp makes them available to everyone. Two new features will be added to the messaging platform soon, allowing users to enjoy a better chatting experience. TheContinue reading “Two Exciting Features Are Coming on WhatsApp”

Beware: Mod Packs of Minecraft Can Steal Your Data

If you are a fan of Minecraft, this blog is for you. Malicious apps are attacking smartphones and it is hampering the user experience. The Minecraft game has millions of players worldwide and by taking advantage of this, malicious apps are targeting users’ devices. Kaspersky experts have detected several malicious apps aimed at data theftContinue reading “Beware: Mod Packs of Minecraft Can Steal Your Data”