A Guide to Fix a Cracked Phone Screen

If you don’t use any protective case on your mobile phone, then scratches and cracks are unavoidable events for your phone. And unfortunately, if your phone screen gets cracks or scratches, you go to a repair shop to repair your smartphone. But we want to inform you that you can try some DIY hacks to fix a cracked phone screen. You may think that it will be a waste of time to read this guide but remember that if you succeed in fixing a cracked screen through our guide, you will save hundreds of dollars. The directions mentioned in this article can be used on a wide range of smartphones of various manufacturers.

What are the causes of cracked phone screens? 

No one intentionally damages their phone screen. It happens accidentally. Here are some reasons for damaging phone screens. 

  • A smartphone screen gets damaged when the phone gets dropped on a hard surface. 
  • When you unknowingly sit on your phone. 
  • You sit on a hard surface by keeping the phone in your back pocket. 
  • You accidentally get bumped by keeping the phone in your pocket. 
  • You use other objects to navigate the phone’s touch screen rather than using a stylus. 

If you want to avoid all these circumstances that trigger damage, you should never use your phone without a protective case.

Let’s try these DIY hacks to fix a cracked phone screen

  1. The first method for fixing a damaged screen requires packing tape. Take the packing tape and cut a piece from the tape, and apply it over the cracks. If the damage reaches the phone’s side, trim the tape using a knife. 
  2. Apply super glue. You can use super glue to fix the damaged screen. Cyanoacrylate glue is called super glue that can be applied over cracks to fix them. Apply a little quantity over the cracks and wipe the extra glue using a cloth. 
  3. If the device touch screen is still in working condition, replacing the damaged glass can help. You can do it yourself by spending just $10 to $20. You will also need some tools to replace the glass.
  4. Take help from the manufacturer’s service center. If the warranty period still covers your phone, the device’s manufacturer can fix the damage by replacing the entire phone for free. A manufacturer may also help if the phone’s warranty is expired. Note that many warranties don’t provide coverage for accidental damages; you can consider secondary warranties in that case. 
  5. Take help with your mobile phone carrier. Phone carriers also provide repair services at discounted prices for their customers. To get help, you will need to contact customer support or go to a local store in your area. 
  6. Go to a repair shop. You can replace the damaged screen by paying a replacement price of around $50 to $200. The price may vary from phone to phone. If the touch capabilities also don’t work, you will have to pay extra costs. 
  7. Finally, sell your phone. If you are waiting for a long time for a new model and it has come on the market, it is the right time to buy a new one by selling the old one. To sell your damaged phone, you can visit websites such as uSell and Glyde.

SOURCE:A Guide to Fix a Cracked Phone Screen

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