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A Complete Guide to Downgrade your iPhone

Have you recently upgraded your iPhone but are not happy with the new upgrade? Here is a solution for you. A software downgrade may help you get the older version of iOS. In simple terms, as you upgrade a device for the significant enhancement to the software, just like a downgrade helps you to revert the software into the older one eliminating the new improvements.

There can be many reasons for a software downgrade. It is when a bug is found in the upgrade itself, the new version doesn’t work on an old iPhone, or there is any performance issue with the latest version. If you have the same problem or other than this, downgrading the upgraded iOS version can help. However, downgrading also has some limitations as it depends on the iOS version you have.

Also, note that while downgrading your iOS software, you will lose all your current data from the device. That is why you will need to take backups that you want to keep, like contacts, messages, photos, reminders, etc., through the iCloud. Moreover, here is a step-by-step process you can follow for a successful downgrade. 

Backup your data

As I have mentioned above that downgrading involves wiping the iPhone data completely. So, consider it as a fair warning and don’t forget to back up the necessary files or data. Before moving ahead in the process, make sure that you have backed up your iPhone. 

How to find the old version for an iOS downgrade

You can only take advantage of iOS downgrade with the newer iOS releases. We are assuming that there was no problem with your iPhone before the current version. Then going back one version may be enough. Keep in mind that you can’t freely jump back to an older version of iOS 14. You require Apple-signed iOS versions if you have to install them on your iPhone, but Apple doesn’t provide anything signed after iOS 13 or former. 

Go to to find previous or current versions of iOS. You will be able to locate the suitable version for your iPhone in a green checkmark. Now, follow these instructions on a Mac or PC

  • Choose your device. You have to find the exact model that you want to downgrade.
  • Locate the version of iOS that you want to download. You will have to choose only ‘Signed IPSWs’ available in the green checkmark as the method will work through iTunes. Older unsigned versions will need you to jailbreak the iOS device. 
  • Hit the Download button. Remember the downloaded file location as you will have to locate it later. 

If you have downloaded the software version, we are going to teach you how to prepare the device for the downgrade. 

Use recovery mode for iOS downgrade

Downgrading requires you to use your iPhone in Recovery Mode. To do so, turn off the device and connect it with your computer. After connecting the device with your computer, you have to follow the method to put your iPhone into Recovery Mode. Putting the device in recovery mode involves different ways based on the version of iOS. For example, on iPhone 8 or greater, including iOS 12, click and do free the Volume Up button, click and release the Volume Down button and then click and hold the Side button until you see the connect to iTunes screen. 

Finally, downgrade your iPhone to the older version of iOS

Now we have reached our final destination. So, cross-check if you have backed up the necessary data. As your iPhone boots into Recovery Mode, iTunes will open on your computer. On the latest version of macOS, you will have to locate your device under Finder. 

  • Press and hold Shift on PC or Option on Mac and hit the Restore button. 
  • Locate the IPSW downloaded file and hit it to open. 
  • Hit Restore

When the process gets finished, you will be back to the older version of iOS. Now you can restore the backup file on your device or prepare your iPhone as a new one. 

Source:A Complete Guide to Downgrade your iPhone


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