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How to Troubleshoot Windows Could Not Detect this Network’s Proxy Settings

If you see a message on your screen saying Windows could not detect this network’s proxy settings and ways to fix it, you have come to the right place. This error’s exact causes are certain since it can appear due to various reasons. Whenever you stumble upon this message on your computer, first, don’t be anxious, as you can fix the proxy settings pretty easily.

The steps we will share in this article will be very practical and helpful for you to fix this error.

Network proxy settings and their issues are pretty common on Windows and other operating systems. Whenever you face proxy issues on your system, you can fix a proxy pretty effectively by manually tweaking the proxy. You can also use third-party applications to automatically set the best proxy settings for your computer.

So, without wasting any more time, let’s get started.

Fixing Windows Could Not Detect this Network’s Proxy Settings

Inspecting Proxy Settings

You should check whether your network settings are ok or not. To observe the proxy network settings on your computer, simply obey the tips that we have given below:

  1. To check the proxy settings on your computer, you must navigate to the computer’s network settings by pressing the Windows and R keys on your computer keyboard.
  2. This will trigger the run dialogue box.
  3. Please put in the ‘inetcpl.cpl’ command and then tap the enter key on your keyboard.
  4. The internet properties window will appear on your screen.
  5. Quickly navigate to the Connections tab from the upper menu.
  6. Navigate to LAN settings.
  7. Now you can have a look on network proxy settings.
  8. Check if they are ok.
  9. If you feel that any option is not required or necessary, please uncheck it.
  10. Click the ok button and hit the apply button.

Resetting TCP/IP


  1. Open the command prompt with admin privileges on your computer. To do so, simply search for the command prompt in the start menu and then right-click on it.
  2. After that, select the run as administrator option, and the command prompt will appear with admin privileges on your screen.
  3. Now you can use the command prompt to enter some really effective commands to fix the network settings.
  4. Please enter the below command and hit the enter button.
  5. Now restart your computer and check if the issue is fixed.

Removing Third-Party Security Utility

Sometimes removing the existing security utilities from your computer can also fix the incorrect proxy settings. Many third-party antiviruses can sometimes interfere with the proxy settings to keep your computer secure from internet attacks. This can cause issues with the proxy settings on your computer, and you may see the proxy settings error. Therefore, it is recommended to turn off your antivirus and check if it is causing proxy settings issues.

The below instructions can help you switch off your antivirus for a while:

  1. First of all, please make sure you are on the home screen.
  2. You can jump to the desktop screen or home screen by pressing the Windows + d keys on the keyboard.
  3. Right-click on the antivirus icon located in the system dock.
  4. Select the disable button or any relevant option to turn off the antivirus system.

Now try to access the internet on your favorite browser and see if the proxy settings are fine. You can also try to run a VPN app to change your default proxy settings and enhance your security and privacy.

Hopefully, the solutions we have provided for helpful and practical. Thank you for coming here

Source:How to Troubleshoot Windows Could Not Detect this Network’s Proxy Settings


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