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HostPro Review: The Right Choice for Russian and Ukrainian Users

HostPro was released in 2001. At that time, it was the very first web hosting organization from Ukraine to give cloud hosting services with HTTP/2 enabled. It played an important role in HostPro’s popularity across Europe. The main motto of HostPto is in its tagline, “Powered by excellence and strong work ethic.” Its target statement has made it take its forthcoming customer on a “tension-free hosting journey.” The company also wishes to do everything to prevent losing speed with the top-notch web hosting firms while keeping up with up-to-date technologies and servers.

The international website of HostPro exists in both light and dark modes. And when it comes to the languages, the international website is available in English only. However, the original site of HostPro is available in Russian and Ukrainian as well.

Plans and Pricing

HostPro offers a good number of hosting choices, including managed WordPress, shared hosting, cloud, and VPS hosting. Although, if you go through their official website, you’ll find some further options, including reseller and dedicated server hosting.  

Selecting the right plan should be as easy as a cakewalk, as all of them are gently presented and conveniently differentiable from each other. So, if you wish something to function well with your personal blog/article or a simple website, the inexpensive option is a Linux-dedicated shared hosting package aptly quoted as “Simple.” Its cost ranges from $2.95 monthly (if you buy a subscription for three years) to $4.95 monthly (if you are willing to give it a try for only one month).

No matter whichever plan you pick, it will comprise the same features like a 10GB SSD drive, support for up to two websites, 512 MB storage for PHP, and a capability to choose out a data center destination. If you buy a subscription for a year or more, then you’ll enjoy a free domain registration and a free SSL certificate too.

HostPro’s official website provided a 5-day free trial for all resellers and shared hosting plans. Plus, it offers a 7-day free trial for Linux-based VPS. Additionally, if you want to drop your subscription at any time, then you’ll be getting your money back for the unused period.

Although the international website has no free trials scheme but comes with a standard 30-day refund guarantee.

Speed and Experience

Provided that HostPro gives two official sites, we have monitored both of the websites (through GTmetrix) and came up with shockingly similar outcomes. However, there should be no surprise as they are likely using the same data center, most probably in their country. All the results show a painting of an alleged unremarkable performance noted with the similar GTmetrix’s grade of D (58%). Keeping in mind that HostPro highlights its high-speed as one of their prime features, this doesn’t seem that good for them.

On a sharp note, both sites were completely installed in the range between 2.3 and 2.9 seconds which is crucially better than the result of 8.1, along with the suggested one, which should be a minimum of 3 seconds.

Since I found out something about HostPro’s claims regarding the uptime seems like a forever-ongoing task, we decided to check it for ourselves. After supervising their international website for one month, we finally found our report.  However, the report was not the best one that we’ve seen. And during the recorded duration, there were just two instances of downtime. The longer one instance endured for 3 hours and 13 minutes, and the shorter instance lasted for 48 minutes). This period brings down the whole uptime to 99.43%, which is less than the industry standard.


The customer support of HostPro is available 24/7. How it can be reached, however, is based on which of their sites you are utilizing.  The official website includes a live chat option. This is probably (for a good cause) to discourage users from other countries and seems geared for users from Ukraine and Russia.

Apart from this, you can reach out to HostPro’s technical team by writing them an email, launching a support ticket, or giving them a call (where multiple numbers are available). For self-support choice, there is a pretty restricted knowledge base and an FAQ section, which is (depending on the site) pretty limited (including 48 articles in total) or comprehensive. However, it is available exclusively in Ukrainian regions. If you belong to the Ukrainian-speaking region, this will not be a problem for you. But if not, then you will need to translate every text guide, which is most likely more trouble than it’s worth.

SOURCE:HostPro Review: The Right Choice for Russian and Ukrainian Users


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