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Best Trackpads to Get for Windows In 2021

We spend a lot of time on laptops, and using a trackpad can convince us instead of using a mouse. The trackpads also have a large surface area and a flat design, making trackpads easier to use for long intervals. Also, there are features like different gestures which you can use. That makes performing creative tasks, scrolling lengthy PDFs, browsing the web certainly easier than dragging your mouse around the whole day. But choosing the right trackpad is a difficult part. You also have to consider different things like battery life, size, and compatibility. But don’t worry, we are here for you with the best trackpads that are available for your windows laptops in 2021.

Best in this List

Keymecher Mano Trackpad

Keymecher Mano Trackpad is the best trackpad that you can get. If you are looking for a trackpad that gives you the best features and saves you money, then your search ends here. Keymecher Mano Trackpad also has a measurement of 6.9×5.8 Inches, and it has a glossy top surface with some good sensors to work with. There are few shortcuts like forward and return, which make your browsing experience smooth while moving from in and out of the folder.


The Good

  • Firstly, Elegant Design
  • Secondly, Battery Backup
  • Lastly, Extra Shortcuts

The Bad

  • The shortcut buttons make the trackpad area smaller.

Best Design in the List 

Jelly Comb Touchpad

Jelly Comb Touchpad certainly takes inspiration from Apple Magic Trackpad 2 for its design. The touchpad has a slim design and an aluminium build, which can also be seen in Apple Magic Trackpad 2. It may lack Apple in some features like Bluetooth, but the plug and play more than makeup. Jelly Comb Touchpad also has different touch sensors, and it supports all different window gestures.


The Good

  • It has a good build quality
  • Multi-touch gestures
  • Portable

The Bad

  • There is no Bluetooth connectivity

Best Budget Trackpad

Perixx Peripad 502

If you are going for a durable trackpad Perixx Peripad 502 is the one for you. Perixx Peripad 502 has a solid build like a brick and a rugged body. To give you the feel of a mouse, they also have buttons for left and right-click. Perixx Peripad 502 also has several different gestures, including one finger slide, vertical scroll, zoom in and out, and two-finger taps.


The Good

  • Firstly, Best budget trackpad
  • Secondly, Durable build
  • Lastly, Tactile buttons make you feel you are using a mouse

The Bad

  • Unattractive Design
  • It is only compatible with Windows

The Best Touchpad to travel with

Microsoft Arc Mouse

Microsoft Arc Mouse is what you called a hybrid. Best of both worlds a normal mouse which is a touch-sensitive trackpad that allows you to track both horizontally and vertically. The best thing about Microsoft Arc Mouse it is turned on when it is curved and turns off when it flattens automatically. Powered by AAA alkaline batteries, it is durable and easy to carry anywhere.


The Good

  • Portable
  • Different color options

The Bad

  • The area of the Trackpad is smaller

The King of Trackpads

Apple Magic Trackpad 2

It is simply unfair to list trackpads and not include Apple Magic Trackpad 2 in the list. Yes, it’s an Apple product, and it can run on your windows as well. But if you are using a Bootcamp to run Windows on your Mac, then it won’t. It has a glass finish at the top and a rubber foot to keep the trackpad in one place.


The Good

  • Larger trackpad area
  • Rechargeable Battery

The Bad

  • Expensive


Choosing the right trackpad depends on you. If you browse on the internet, then Keymecher Mano Trackpad is the best option, and just like that. There are trackpads for different scenarios; here are some from which you can find the one which suits you the best.

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SOURCE:Best Trackpads to Get for Windows In 2021


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