Apple’s MagSafe Battery Pack: Details

Users have been waiting for Apple’s MagSafe Battery pack for a long time. It is a MagSafe battery pack that can be used on any MagSafe compatible phone. In other words, you can charge the entire iPhone 12 lineup with it.

However, the battery pack can take up the entire back underneath the camera module of the iPhone 12 Mini. This accessory is only designed for the iPhone 12 series, and you will also need to be running iOS 14.7 or later.

Design & Build

The apple logo on the MagSafe battery pack has been slid up a little bit. It has a hard plastic build body. It is not made up of silicone material. You will get a lightning port and status light on the bottom.

 You will get a little MagSafe ring with a little magnet bar. As a result, you will be able to charge your device wirelessly. However, you can not charge the MagSafe battery wirelessly itself. It is wider than an iPhone Mini but much thicker. It comes with only a white color option. As a result, you will not get any other color option to choose from.

It does not have any physical button, so you can not press it to see the battery percentage left on it.


The user will need a newer version of iOS. In other words, you will need iOS 14.7 in your iPhone for this to work. They will update it for iOS 15 beta versions. As a result, users will have to wait until it works properly with iOS 15 beta versions. In short, the battery pack does not work properly with iOS 15 beta. Hopefully, this error will change in the upcoming beta version.

You can use the widget on your iPhone to keep the tabs on capacity. It will also show the charge status on your Apple device.

Battery Capacity

Apple’s MagSafe battery pack has a 1460 Mah battery. Your iPhone device can be charged to 50% to 70% while charging with a MagSafe battery pack. It also depends upon the battery capacity of your iPhone device. The iPhone 12 models have different battery capacities.

You can charge the battery pack with a couple of types. If you have a USB-C to lightning cable, then you can charge both devices at once. You can also charge the MagSafe battery pack separately with the help of a lightning cable. It has an 11.13 watt-hour battery inside the pack. It will offer a partial charge for Apple’s phones.

Reverse Charging

Users can also reverse-charge the battery pack. You can plug a lightning cable into the bottom of your iPhone. As a result, you will be able to charge both devices at the same time. You will also get notifications related to the MagSafe battery pack.

Charging Speed

The MagSafe battery pack can charge your Apple device at a speed of about 5 watts. It is very slow, but it will charge with a charging speed of up to 15 watts after some time.


The Apple MagSafe Battery pack will cost you about $99. You will also get a warranty card, information card, and other usual paperwork along with the packaging.


It is a cheap wireless charger by design. It can work with any phone that accepts Qi wireless charging. The price is $100 for Apple’s MagSafe battery pack. You can get similar other products at a low price. You can also use them to charge your Apple device.

SOURCE:Apple’s MagSafe Battery Pack: Details

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