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Top 4 Best Virtual Surround Sound Apps for Gaming

Surround sound is one of the most exciting audio formats available. Yes, stereo is sufficient to provide a pleasant feeling of direction and virtual surround. When used with decent headphones, it may also effectively simulate a true surround experience, but nothing beats the real thing.

If you want to build your own surround sound system, here is our list of the finest pre-built surround sound systems for gaming in 2021. The list covers a variety of options in a wide price range, ensuring that everyone may choose a system that fits their needs.

What do you understand about Simulated Surround Sound?

Multiple speakers (typically six, plus a subwoofer, but many more for a high-end home theatre) are used in traditional surround sound to offer multiple outlets for distinct sounds to pass through. If the movie or game you’re viewing or playing supports surround sound, it can send the appropriate sound to the appropriate speaker to give you a sense of directionality. That means that the sound of something approaching from behind you will emanate from behind you.

For the majority of the technology’s existence, surround sound has been essentially channel-based, mixing sounds especially for a specific number of channels. Spatial audio (or object-based audio) is a newer approach that is even more complex. Rather than mixing sound into channels at the content level, it is mixed around a 360-degree circle or sphere, with each audio source in the content put precisely. Although this sort of surround sound is more technically challenging, it can scale to any size speaker system and supports height for genuine 3D playback that can originate from above or below you. Many movies are blended with spatial audio for theatres and even home viewing; two such spatial audio systems are Dolby Atmos and DTS:X.

Top 4 Best Virtual Surround Sound Apps for Gaming

●    Monoprice 108247

The first item on our list is a Monoprice surround sound system that is both simple and economical. As you might expect, they’re not a well-known audio equipment company, but we’re not seeking high quality in a budget device, just good value.

This is where this Monoprice surround sound system really shines. It is by far the most affordable system in this category, with satisfactory sound quality at an affordable price.

Monoprice’s surround system will not disappoint you unless you have excessive expectations. The speakers sound good, and the subwoofer is adequate, though it can’t quite achieve those thunderous lows.

However, we can’t have a good budget product without cutting corners, and in this case, the main goal of cutting corners was the construction quality.

The appearance doesn’t exactly exude robustness, and the longevity of individual speakers is likewise debatable. However, Monoprice is said to be quick to replace broken speakers.

While they may not be a match for high-end products created by some of the industry’s more well-known names, Monoprice has the casual budget-conscious consumer covered with this affordable option.

●    Yamaha NS-SP1800BL

The second option is a more modest one, but this one comes directly from Yamaha, a well-known name in the audio industry. What can you expect from a Japanese firm that has been around since the nineteenth century?

The Yamaha NS-SP1800BL is a good-looking, low-cost surround system with a strong subwoofer. It can reach frequencies that are significantly lower than the Monoprice one, as evidenced by the specifications. The speakers, on the other hand, don’t do it justice, as they’re prone to audio distortion when the volume is turned up, and they don’t fill the room as well as some more expensive speakers.

Finally, if you’re searching for a cheap surround system with a strong emphasis on bass, this set of Yamaha speakers will undoubtedly meet your expectations. On the other hand, if you want crisp, high-quality, full-range music, we recommend investing in something a little more expensive, as the speakers included with this set are far from cutting-edge.

●    Onkyo SKS-HT690

Although Onkyo isn’t exactly a household name, the firm specializes in home cinema and audio equipment, so that should be a decent indication of the level of quality to expect.

The Onkyo SKS-HT690 is a high-end 5.1 surround system that includes speakers that not only deliver a great surround sound but are also extremely well-built, assuring that they will endure a long time. Furthermore, each speaker has a sleek glossy finish that will add a touch of class to any environment.

Still, this isn’t the most unobtrusive configuration available since the speakers and subwoofer all have a very plain and “boxy” look that doesn’t exactly reflect the sound quality you’ll get with this set.

Regardless, the HT870 will be a perfect match for individuals who value performance and cost over aesthetics. It’s one of the most affordable 7.1 systems on the market, and it manages to produce good overall sound quality, which is a winning combo in our eyes.

●    Logitech Z906

Logitech is one of the top firms to go to today for a range of computer accessories, including speakers, despite the fact that they haven’t been around nearly as long as Yamaha. As a result, the Z906 surround system was created.

Both the subwoofer and the speakers have a high-end feel, but can the sound live up to the hype?

Yes, it most certainly is! The subwoofer outperforms the previous two, and it can actually hit those audible lows. The satellites don’t fare much worse, though the high-end isn’t as clear or as rich as the lows and mid-range.

The Z906 also includes a compact console and remote control for simple audio adjustments.

Overall, the Z906 is a great low-profile surround system that works well for both PC and living room gaming setups because the speakers are compact and unobtrusive while still being rather powerful. Ultimately, despite the fact that the high-end leaves something to be desired, the Z906 offers excellent overall value.

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