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Drag and Drop Files and Text Between Apps on iPhone

We don’t associate smartphones with “just drag and drop files” options. But now, with the new WWDC concluded recently, everything is changing, and a new era of the smartphone is here in Apple. The new iOS 15 is going to bring a new feature of drag and drop files to the iPhone. Don’t believe what you are reading? So, let us tell you it is completely true now that you can easily pick a piece of text or an image from the photo app and drop it directly into text iMessages. Let us give you an example of how to drag and drop files easily between different apps on the iPhone.

Just Drag and Drop Files between Apps on iPhone:

This new feature has not been released for public use yet. Though it is still in the development stage, it can work well if you know the exact gestures to trigger it. As we told you earlier, it is not available for public use, and you need the beta version. And if you don’t want to spend any money, you can install the beta version from the developer beta. This will save you $99, which you have to spend by taking a subscription to the Apple developer account. And once you install the new iOS 15 on your iPhone, you will be ready to use the drag and drop feature easily. For now, there might be a few misses because it is still in the beta version, but it will get better once it comes out for everyone.

So, let us give you an example of how to drag and drop files. To demonstrate this, we will drag a photo from the photo app and drop it directly into the iMessage app.

  • Firstly, open the photos app and go to recent. Do not tap on the image you want to drag. Just hold the whole image thumbnail and bring it up to the preview pop-up menu.
  • Just keep pressing the image and drag the image up slightly that will enable the drag mode. Now you will see a translucent image thumbnail that you can move around. This part is tricky now so, just use your other finger to press the bottom of the screen to go to the home screen.
  • Now just open the app where you want to drop the image. For us, we choose iMessage to drop the image. Make sure your other finger is still holding on to the image or you have to repeat the whole process.
  • After opening the iMessage you just have to drop the photo in any chat appearing on the screen, and it will appear in the chat.
  • Lastly, tap on send. Just like that you have learned the new drag and drop feature on the new iOS 15 updates.

There are certain Limitations to Drag and Drop feature:

As every coin has two sides, this app also has some limitations. Firstly, let’s start with App support. The developers may require some time to adopt the API and incorporate this feature. Secondly, this app may have compatibility issues. This simply means that if the app is unable to parse a file, then you will not be able to drag and drop between apps. For instance, I tried dropping a PDF to the Gmail app from the Files app but was unable to in the new email. On the other hand, it was easily possible in the native Mail app.


For iPhones, you can easily use this method to drag and drop texts and files between iPhones. However, you must keep in mind that the feature is still developing, so it may not be compatible everywhere. You will be able to use this feature much nicely after it releases with the stable iOS 15.

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SOURCE:Drag and Drop Files and Text Between Apps on iPhone


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