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How To Resolve Canon Printer Error Code 6C10 Within Few Steps?

While discovering printer errors, you must gather information on how it happens. Error codes in the printer symbolize the issues that are emerging inside the printer. These emerging issues usually represent the internal parts suffering from blockage or damage due to foreign objects. When a printer suffers from these internal issues or even from external issues, it directly displays error codes on the control panel or computer system. Also, when an error code displays, it contains several issues and causes problems during the printing jobs.

In some cases, you will get printing results ruined, or in some cases, the printer will stop printing at all. Here, we have gathered different methods for you to try on the printer while resolving the issue, but either of them is effective. However, before stepping into the solutions, let’s find out about the causes behind it.

What are the causes of the error code 6c10 in the HP printer?

Canon printers are designed with an internal counter, which tracks the number of pages that have been printed, and also verifies how many times a cleanup process is performed. Also, these counters work on counting the amount of ink that might have been collected based on the printer. When your printer senses that the waste ink tank is full, the printer stops printing and displays the error message ‘Canon printer error 6c10’. Now that we have discussed the causes of the error code, follow the solutions given below.

Solutions to remove the error code 6c10 from the HP printer

The Canon printers often determine the level of waste ink tanks status, which provides the liberty to print more with the help of the reset process. Here, we have mentioned step-by-step guidelines to resolve the error code 6c10 problem. 

Method 1: Cleaning the foam 

In this method, we have to clean the foam, which works as the absorber for the waste ink. It will surely help you clear the error code easily. 

Step 1: At first, we will try to open the cover of the printer and let the cartridge carrier inside the printer settle down at the center. Once it has settled, you will spot a row of white rollers behind the carrier given on the right side. 

Step 2: In the second step, you need to clean the plastic. Once you have spotted the rollers, you will find a small piece of plastic that is sticking out at the end of the rollers. Now take a paper towel or small piece of soft cloth, and wipe the ink spreading through the plastic. Also, when you have properly cleaned the plastic, you need to clean the ink pad as well. 

Step 3: In this step, you have to attempt to clean the foam pad. At the front of the plastic, you will find an object shaped in a small square, which will look like a foam pad. This is the exact place where your printer collects the waste ink. Now use a piece of soft cloth or paper towel, and try to press it into the foam pad. You need to clean the pad until the foam stops producing the excess ink. 

Step 4: As the last step, you need to restart the printer. Once you have cleaned all the suggested parts, you can place everything back into the printer. Now plug your printer back in, and try to test a document to make sure the error code has gone. 

Method 2: Resetting the Ink Absorber

We need to restart the ink absorber only if the above method failed to work successfully in this method. Here are the steps to attempt the process of restarting the ink absorber.

  • In the first step, switch off the printer completely.
  • Then you need to press and hold the resume button and press the power button at the same time. This step will allow the green LED to light up in your printer. 
  • Now withholding the power button, you can release the resume button.
  • Then press the resume button two times and release both of the buttons together.
  • Now you need to press the resume button four times and press the power button immediately after that. 
  • These steps will reset the ink absorber counter of your printer. Once you have done this, you will need to unplug the printer and then plug it in again.

By attempting the above methods, your printer should start working without any problems. One of them will work on your printer and will resolve within minutes. If the error code is still persistent, then immediately contact Canon technical support help.

Hi guys! My name is max turner and I’m from UK I have been working around printers for 10 years. Canon printers are the easiest to install and set up. They require minimal effort with proper installation knowledge. You can download and manuals easily from the Internet.

SOURCE:How To Resolve Canon Printer Error Code 6C10 Within Few Steps?


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