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Fix Brother Printer Error Code 30, 33, and 35 Quickly

Brother printers are known for their excellent features and flawless print quality. If you are a Brother printer user, you are likely to face the error code 30, 33, and 35 on your Brother printer. These error codes are caused owing to the same reason, so fixing them is quite easy. We have described the great ways to fix the error code 30, 33, and 35. We have discussed these errors in detail. Let’s get started and fix these now.

The Reasons for the Appearance of the Error Code 30, 33 and 35

Before we try to resolve these error codes, we will first try to know the reasons behind these error codes. Once a person becomes aware of the causes for these error codes, you will be able to fix these errors quickly. The causes have been mentioned below:

  • The error code 30 or 33 may occur when the printhead is not moving to its original position.
  • If the springs are not appropriately placed, you may see the error code 30 on your Brother printer.
  • When the printer covers are not locked properly, the emergence of the error 33 or 35 is common.

Note: All these errors are common on a Brother printer. We have given the step-by-step procedure below. To rectify the error codes, take a glance at the solutions below.

Procedure to Rectify the Error Code 30, 33, and 35 on Brother Printer

One can fix these three error codes with the provided instructions quickly. Read the solutions below.

Method 1

To resolve one of these errors, follow the instructions:

  1. On the Control Panel, you need to press the Ink button.
  2. After that, you need to press the Replace ink option. The steps will ask you to open the cover.
  3. Pull the scanner cover that is located under the Control Panel.
  4. Lift the Scanner cover.
  5. Ensure that the carriage should move from one side to another. It will help you replace the ink cartridges.
  6. If the machine does not move even an inch, you need to take your Brother printer to a printer expert as it may be a serious issue.
  7. If the carriage moves from one side to another, you need to press down the cartridge cover to remove the cartridges from the printer.
  8. You will see two springs on the sides of the carriage.
  9. Press the springs properly on both sides.
  10. Reinstall the ink cartridges and make sure that the springs are located at their proper position.
  11. Close the covers and make sure that they are properly locked.
  12. After you have installed the ink cartridges properly, your Brother will now be ready for head cleaning.
  13. Make sure you have installed all the cartridges properly.
  14. Try printing a test page to verify if the error is fixed.

Note: When the issue seems to be serious with your Brother printer, you should contact either the customer service or printer experts. The experts will assist you in sorting out the error codes easily.

Method 2

We will now carry out the process of clearing paper jams. A paper jam can lead to a number of error codes on a Brother printer. In case the first method does not work, try out the procedure of removing paper jam to fix one of these errors. Follow the steps:

  1. First of all, you need to place the Brother printer in a safe area.
  2. After that, you have to open the cover on the front.
  3. Leave the printer in the same position for almost 15 minutes and allow it to cool down.
  4. The next thing that you have to do is take out the drum unit and toner cartridge assembly.
  5. If you see a jammed paper inside the printer, you may take it out by opening the paper tray.
  6. To do so, you need to pull out the paper tray.
  7. Now, open the rear cover and then open the fuser cover.
  8. Pull the jammed paper gently out of the fuser unit.
  9. Check if all the cartridges are filled with sufficient ink.
  10. If the cartridges are not installed properly, click them correctly.
  11. Close all the covers of your Brother printer and put all parts back into the same position.
  12. Turn on your printer and try printing documents.
  13. The error is fixed now.

Note: In rare cases, the issue may be related to hardware, so you should avoid taking risks and applying the methods and contact the skilled Brother printer experts.


The purpose of the article was to let you know about the methods to bypass the error code 30, 33, and 35 on the Brother printer. Any Brother printer user can put these steps into action and fix the above-mentioned error codes. We hope the methods are of great importance to you.

Hi Guys! My name is Joseph peterson and I’m a Printer Technician. I live in USA I’m deeply in love with Brother printers. They’re simply the best among all other brands. I use website for downloading and installing drivers while setting up my Brother Printers.

SOURCE:Fix Brother Printer Error Code 30, 33, and 35 Quickly


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