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iPhone 13 Rumored to Arrive Complete Buttonless

According to a rumor, Apple decided to remove existed buttons from iPhone 13. Among removing other obstacles like wireless earbuds, Apple decided to terminate buttons as well. Apple is approaching the future with no need to attempt on physical buttons, but the real question is how the tech giant plans to remove it. Recently, a U.S. patent application was spotted by Apple Insider that suggested the company’s investigation on “capacitive sensing input devices.” Seemingly, these input devices, which means buttons, will be “invisible backlit holes.” These backlit holes seem more interesting and elegant than physical buttons. They will be designed to appear while getting in touch with the sensor and will disappear when they are not in use.

Well, to be honest, the approach does sound pretty impressive, and it can be said it will be a hit. The upcoming feature will add a little bit of elegance to iPhone 13. And I for sure rooting for this feature. In fact, every manufacturer should attempt to design this feature in various devices. However, with this rumored approach, the biggest question is whether a feature like this will be included in the next iteration of the iPhone or not. It also suggests that we might have to wait till 2022 or a bit longer than that to see if Apple integrate it. The concept is not entirely wild, as we have seen that Apple may include other upgrades as well for future iPhones.

For instance, according to the rumor, iPhone 13 will be getting a fingerprint scanner. Rather than the physical reader, the new scanner will be placed under the surface of the phone’s screen. The entire concept is a tactic that instantly matches the buttonless design aesthetic, and that is if Apple decided to go on this route.

Getting a Buttonless feature in the upcoming iPhone model seems like a tactical move.

Apple already introduced a wireless headphone jack in iPhone 7 in the year 2016. And now rumors have suggested that the lightning port maybe including the ax as well. If according to the rumors, Apple decided to terminate its lightning port in iPhone 13 and included everything for wireless charging, then it would become the first-ever model as a complete portless phone. If you wonder why it can’t be a buttonless feature added to the mix, then your concern is the same as ours. Well, to guess that the news may be about iPhone 13’s new buttonless feature or not. It is pretty obvious that the patent application could be about other products than iPhone, or it might be about the upgrade. After all, no matter how much we think, the expected handset of Apple is complete speculation. And as of today, no confirmed information has come to report yet. If we talk about the upcoming handset of Apple, even its actual name has not been confirmed yet to the public. However, one thing seems certain, and that is, all of these rumored elements to be disclosed at the next iPhone launch event. The next iPhone launch event is most likely to be held in September. And hopefully, we will get to see the real elements of the next iPhone model.

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SOURCE:iPhone 13 Rumored to Arrive Complete Buttonless


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