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10 Best WordPress Plugins to Deal with Typography & Fonts

Various elements play an essential role in web designing and require complete attention. Typography is one such important element that can leave a bad impression on your readers if used wrongly. It plays a significant role in web design by improving readability. In simple terms, typography can be defined as the art of arranging text and letters to make the copy clear, visually appealing, and legible to the readers. It involves appearance, structure, and font style to convey some specific messages and elicit certain emotions. Good typography sets the overall tone of the product and provides a graphic balance to your website.

Good typography enhances the personality of your website and helps users associate the specific typeface featured on your site with your business brand. Web designers and even beginners need to tweak typography that can suit their needs. Luckily, there is an abundance of WordPress Plugins that can help web designers and beginners to improve their typography on their site. These plugins also allow you to display and highlight fonts on your site, manage it in a better way, and disable auto-formatting. Nowadays, web designers have various typography and font options to use, making typography more diverse than ever before.

Here is the overview of these ten best WordPress plugins to deal with typography and fonts.

  • Google Typography

There are plenty of Google Fonts that the users can use in various ways through the Google Typography plugin and without writing any code. The users can select the fonts and customize them according to the need of their site. You can customize it from the WordPress Customizer and find it appearing right on the preview. Besides, using Google Typography has various advantages as it is free for commercial use and easy to implement on any website without having any trouble with font embedding.

Since it is open source and allows you to share your favorites and collaborate easily with colleagues and friends, also, it takes care of hosting and licensing, ensuring the availability of the most significant and latest version of any font to everyone.

  • Use Any Font

The users can use whatever font they want in OTF, TTF, EOT, dfont formats, SVG, or WOFF without depending on any font embed services. You will need to upload the font to your WordPress and use it. The plugin is easy and quick to set up and support all major browsers like Edge, IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera, Android, and many more. Besides, the plugin has a support forum to resolve all your issues quickly and easily. The users can even use uploaded custom fonts from Gutenberg Editor, WordPress Editor, Divi Builder, Themify Builder, Astra Theme, Ocean WP Theme, Generate Press, and much more directly.

  • Custom Typekit Fonts

The plugin allows its users to connect to Adobe Fonts or Typekit to add any font quickly they want to their website. It works with several popular theme builders and themes like Beaver Builder Theme, Astra Theme, Elementor Page Builder, and Beaver Builder Plugin. Using the plugin is very simple as you will need to install it and then enter the project ID that you have created in adobe fonts. After that, the users can easily see the fonts available in the settings of Elementor/ Astra/ Beaver Builder. The web font service serves thousands of high-quality fonts that you can use for your specific purpose. It is compatible with almost all browsers.

  • FontAwesome

The plugin is one of the most popular font-icon libraries available on the web. You can use this plugin to add a massive collection of fonts to your website. FontAwesome is an entirely new plugin which has been supported by all modern browsers. You can load the font icon either by using CDN or directly. Also, you can load it as a Web Font or an SVG. The users can use it as both free icons and pro. Besides, if you have not updated your project for a long while, you can do it by turning on automatic compatibility for version 4 of FontAwesome.

  • WP Typography

The plugin helps add plenty of typography features to your content and blogs. These features include spacing control including widow protection, forced internal wrapping of email addresses & URLs, gluing values to units, hyphenation, intelligent replacement of characters including smart handling of ellipses, dashes, quote marks, ordinal suffixes, math symbols, fractions, trademarks, service marks & copyright. It equally manages CSS hooks when it comes to styling, including uppercase words, ampersands, guillemets, and initial quotes.

  • Custom Fonts

The users can use the plugin to create their collections of the custom font. You can go to Settings provided in the dashboard and can upload the desired font to your website. After then, the users can choose the required font from the WordPress Customizer. Also, the plugin is compatible with various popular page builders like Beaver Builder and Elementor. The use of custom fonts has been increasing steadily over the years, and many companies use it to exercise familiarity and control with their brand and branding.

  • Disable Google Fonts

The plugin is immensely useful for you if you don’t find Google Fonts the right fit for yourself. It works with almost all themes and cases and allows the users to remove Google Fonts from their website. The cases and themes with which the plugin can work include Storefront, Twenty Twenty, Sydney, Twenty Twelve, Zerif Lite, Vantage, ColorMag, Shapely, OnePress, JupiterX, and Elementor. Also, the plugin can remove Google Fonts loaded by Beaver Builder, Elementor, and Revolution Slider plugins.

  • Host Google Fonts

The users may need to load the fonts from their websites’ copies for various reasons such as legal, performance, or GDPR. Also, hosting Google fonts locally will help them load faster and help them take advantage of different font loading strategies, ultimately providing a great user experience. The plugin loads Google Fonts while taking it from local copies and then optimizes them automatically. Apart from these, the plugin can remove enqueued/ registered Google Fonts from wp-head(). It manages Google Fonts that are optimized. 

  • Font Resizer

The plugin works as an outstanding feature for providing accessibility while providing an option to the visitors coming to your website to change the content’s font size. Regarding features, the plugin uses jQuery and JavaScript to set the size of the font. It has an admin page to select the steps to resize the content and many other options. You can use the code or standard widget of this simple and lightweight plugin to add to your theme. It is compatible with ClassicPress and capable of bringing back the retro feel to any website.

  • Swap Google Font Display

The plugin finds all Google Fonts on the webpage while setting it font-display for swapping. The browsers did not show any text until you didn’t complete the loading of the font files. The plugin helps address this particular problem by automatically injecting font-display: swap, the latest SCC property.

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