iMac: How to Instantly Add Photos, Scans, and Sketches

The newer iMac model and any other Mac can be connected wirelessly to an iPhone. It allows users to add a scan or a photo in documents on a computer. iPhone sketches are easy to draw and can be transferred immediately. Apple’s continuity feature terminates multiple steps and makes the sum impressive than the parts. 

Availability of Apple Pencil and iPad make it easy to draw or paint on a Mac. It includes another continuity feature name Sidecar that allows the Mac screen to be shared with the iPad. And it makes the feature act like an expensive Wacom graphics pad. Apple Pencil speed, position, tilt, and pressure all are recorded and transferred to the Mac. Various popular graphic apps are compatible with it, which makes it an impressive solution. 

When you need a quick sketch, Apple provides a solution, which is easier compared to Sidecar, and you do not need any type of setup. Various apps that accept images will display a context menu with numerous options by right-clicking. When you will select the insert menu, it will open a sub-menu with various options for iPod Touch, iPad, and iPhone. They all are on, and already signed in with the same Apple ID. Once you have selected the input device, the third sub-menu will disclose the options to add a photo, sketch, or even a document from the iPadOS or iOS device. Here, you will find a short description on how to insert scan, sketch, and photo such as:

What are the procedures of inserting a scan, sketch, and photo?

Once a user has chosen its sketch option, iPhone will display a blank Markup document. It is an iOS image editor that is used to interpret screenshots. And that makes it limited to the available options. The feature is pretty good for offering pencil, pen, eraser, marker tools, and also sketches. And it carries a ruler that makes drawing straight lines pretty easy. In case you are using an Apple Pencil and iPad, then the thickness of lines may vary with pressure. It will provide a bit more creative expression in comparison to what is possible with a finger. With just one tap on the iPad or iPhone, it will immediately transfer the drawing to the Mac. 

It includes a similar process that is used for scans and photos of documents. But it uses iPhone’s camera to complete the procedure. While choosing the option to add a photo on the iMac, the camera app will automatically open up on the iPhone. When you snap the photo, it will provide the option to accept the photo or to attempt again. If we talk about selecting the scan on the Mac computer, the iPhone’s camera will open up, but it will be in scan mode. Once you have snapped the photo of the paper document, you will get a suggestion to adjust the corners. The suggestion will occur in case the automatic corner correction is inappropriate. It also has options to store the scan or to take it again according to the need.

For scans and photos, the image will display straight into the Mac document. You would not need to save and transmit scans or photos from the iPhone. The feature of continuity camera and available sketch options integrate multiple Apple devices to streamline workflows. It all makes it easier for iPad, Mac, and iPhone owners. 

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SOURCE: iMac: How to Instantly Add Photos, Scans, and Sketches

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