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AirPods Pro vs. Beats Studio Buds: Which One Fits Perfectly for you?

With Beats Studio Buds, you get numerous features, same as the AirPods Pro, for a lesser price. 

Apple AirPods Pro is undoubtedly a popular choice among wireless earbuds. But it does not conclude as the best choice for everyone. For sure, AirPods Pro are impressive earbuds, especially for diehard fans of Apple. Beats Studio Buds came as an impressive alternate that delivers most of the features same as AirPods Pro in a lesser price range. If we talk about Apple-centric earbuds, AirPods immediately strikes our mind. Apple manufacture them by itself and works smoothly with other tech giant’s products. And not to forget its high-end product comes with a high price rate. 

However, Apple has introduced numerous earbuds in the market. Apple bought Beats By Dre in 2014, and since then, they have been producing high-quality audio gear with similar features as AirPods. And all of those high-end quality products are often offered at lesser price rate. The price range difference is immediately noticeable while comparing Beats Studio Buds and AirPods Pro. With this comparison, people can decide clear between them. Here are some of the compared fact that will set your agenda right on the spot, such as:

Design: Beats Studio Buds vs. AirPods Pro 

The very first thing to notice in Beats Studio Buds is its compact and wireless design. People are also getting an in-ear fit packed with three ear tip sizes same as AirPods Pro. The most interesting part comes with the different color options to choose from and just stuck with white. With Beats Studio Buds, you get to choose between red and black. However, it does have one disadvantage of not having a wireless charging case. And you will need to power the case with the help of a USB Type-C cable. Here are some of the specific features to analyze before purchasing any of them, such as:

  • Both of the earbuds do not offer a universal fit.
  • You get three color options with Beats Studio Buds- white, red, and black.
  • Wireless charging is offered with AirPods Pro and none for Beats Studio.

Battery Life: Beats Studio Buds vs. AirPods Pro 

Beats Studio Buds offers eight hours of battery life without transparency mode and noise cancellation feature. If you are using any of those given features, then it will speed up the battery life up to 5 hours. If you have purchased Beats Studio Buds charging case, you will receive 24 hours of complete playback. Also, they come with fast charging feature, the same as AirPods. Read the following comparison points to decide which one is your choice such as:

  • You get 3 hours of playback in 15 minutes of charging with Beats Studio Buds.
  • Here, you get 3 hours of playback in 15 minutes of charging with AirPods Pro.
  • With Beats Studio Buds charging case, you get 24 hours of battery life.
  • And with the AirPods Pro charging case, you get 24+ hours of battery life.

Features: Who wins?

Apple uses H1 and W1 chips in its earbud models. Rather than using Apple’s ideal chip measurement, Beats Studio Buds uses a custom chip. The custom chip still includes some of the features but kept some of them out of Beats Buds. However, Beats Studio Buds does not offer auto-device switching between Mac, iPad, iPhone, etc. Also, the newest Beats model does not include auto-pause/play and ear detection functions. Here are some of the specific features that should be considered before purchasing, such as:

  • Both of them offer water and sweat resistance features. 
  • They both are compatible and can be tracked with the “Find My” feature.
  • Both of the earbuds include transparency mode.
  • One of the best features, “noise cancellation,” is offered by both earbuds.
  • Both of the earbuds offer “Hey Siri” support. 
  • And they both include the connectivity option of “Bluetooth 5.0”.

Price Comparison: Beats Studio Buds vs. AirPods Pro 

Beats Studio Buds offer many of the features same as AirPods Pro, but still, they are available in a lesser amount. Beats Studio Buds are available at $149 at the MSRP rate, and AirPods Pro is offered at $249 at the MSRP rate. 

Sound Quality and Performance Comparison: Who wins?

The sound quality of Beats Studio Buds is quite nice but still losses a point when compared to AirPods Pro. AirPods Pro is a bit much richer in sound quality than Beats. 

Conclusion: Beats Studio Buds vs. AirPods Pro

If your preferred choice is wireless with a various color option that also includes an in-ear fit and noise cancellation, then you should go for Beats Studio Buds. And they are also affordable in comparison to AirPods Pro with similar features. Whereas AirPods Pro is offered with a wireless charging case for a higher price rate. If you don’t mind paying a higher price, AirPods Pro is definitely for you.

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Source:AirPods Pro vs. Beats Studio Buds: Which One Fits Perfectly for you?


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