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Two Exciting Features Are Coming on WhatsApp

In terms of upgrades and new features, Facebook family applications do not disappoint, and WhatsApp beta programs are continuously adding new functionality. After testing the features with beta users, WhatsApp makes them available to everyone. Two new features will be added to the messaging platform soon, allowing users to enjoy a better chatting experience. The new WhatsApp features include voice messaging and sticker packs, which will improve the app’s visual experience.

Voice waveform feature

According to WABetaInfo, a WhatsApp Updates Tracker, a feature called Voice Waveforms will be rolled out in the app. The company is attempting to make aesthetic adjustments to the existing voice messages feature using this. Users now see a progress bar-like interface when playing WhatsApp messages, and the bar advances forward when the voice is played. In addition to the Play and Pause buttons, it displays the sender’s profile photo, timestamp, and playback speed.

Waveform appears when you play voice messages.

Users may now see the progress bar. The report says that users will see voice waveforms instead of the existing migration bar. Depending on the sound being played, these waveforms will seem different. According to the blog site, WhatsApp’s new interface could be similar to a UI that searches for Instagram voice messages. You may recall that the WhatsApp stable version introduced the ability to change playback speed in the past, with settings such as 1.5x and 2x.

Android Beta app gets a new feature.

The new voice waveform feature is currently offered to all Android beta testers and is included in the most recent Android release. It’s possible that Facebook will start testing it for iOS users shortly.

Now you can send sticker packs to each other.

Aside from voice waveforms, WhatsApp is also developing a sticker pack sharing feature, which will allow users to exchange sticker packs among themselves. Users can send sticker packs to each other using the Forward Sticker Pack function in the Android Beta app. This functionality is available in Android beta, although it does not presently support third-party sticker packs. It’s being tested on the Android Beta app right now.

New keyboard shortcuts for stickers

WhatsApp beta users will soon be able to use a keyboard shortcut to search for stickers. When users type a keyword or an emoji in the WhatsApp conversation pane, a new feature appears. After hitting the emoji button, users can use their keyboards to select stickers. If they need support for this new functionality for third-party sticker packs, creators will have to update their packs with sticker maker studios.

Choose stickers according to mood

In recent months, WhatsApp has rolled out a new ‘Sticker Search’ tool to Android and iOS users. This functionality, which is now available to all users, allows them to search for and distribute the appropriate stickers based on their mood.

Changes in the app interface

For Android users, the beta version of WhatsApp shows major modifications to the User Interface (UI). These modifications were made to the app’s conversation list and will be carried out to all WhatsApp users in stable updates following user feedback. Users will not notice lines separating them from chat sales, and the interface that displays when they open the app will be seamless.

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