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Check Who Took a Screenshot or Viewed Your Snapchat Story: Here’s How

Snapchat Stories disappear once when you see them. However, you can take a screenshot of some other user’s Story. Here is how you can check for any screenshots.

If you are a Snapchat user, it is effortless for you to check who took a screenshot of your Story or viewed it. Snapchat users can easily do it by making changes in its Settings. When talking about this popular messaging app, it is designed to be a privacy-focused and secure social network platform.

One can see many privacy-focused features on Snapchat. For example, your Stories and Snaps disappear after a few times. However, if you take a screenshot of any of the Snaps or all of it within a Story, it can end up lasting for much longer than you expect.

How Snapchat Expanded Over Time

The popular messaging app has expanded itself over time. With time, it added many new and popular features. For example, you know that Snapchat recently enabled App Appearance and dark mode in its app. Among these various features introduced on Snapchat, Stories is very much popular among users.

Snapchat Stories has played an essential role in making this messaging platform so much successful. It has boosted its user base. Plus, it has encouraged users to post frequently and more on the platform. Apart from these, Snapchat Stories offers users to make their stories private using its Private Story features. However, here we will talk about how Snapchat Story users can take a screenshot of it.

When you create a Snap, Story features bring you a collection of your Snaps together. Plus, you can play your Snaps in the order you created them. Moreover, Snapchat offers a limited timeline to view Snaps of a user. So, other users can see your or someone else’s Story as many times as you want and like. After that, the Snaps will be deleted automatically after twenty-four hours.

How To View Who Took a Snapchat of Your Snapchat Story

The popular messaging app allows you to see who has taken or viewed a screenshot of your Story. Besides, you can check both in the same section. To view who has taken a screenshot of your Snapchat, go to the profile option for the account. Now, click on that specific icon appearing in the top-right corner. After that, click on the ‘My Story’ and swipe up on display.

Here, you will see a list of users who have taken or viewed a screenshot of the Story. For example, Snapchat will highlight the name of those users who have taken a screenshot of your Snapchat. No doubt, it makes it easy for you to see who took a screenshot and viewed the Story.

How To Check Limitations & Change Permissions on Snapchat

It is easy to see who viewed or screenshotted your Snapchat Story. But it has some limitations too. For example, the list that Snapchat generates includes only a maximum of 200 app users. It means it can become problematic for any user account having higher levels of engagement in simple terms.

Such accounts can only see the first 200 users who have viewed their Story. So here, they won’t be able to view the screenshotted Stories. In general, Snapchat users who the original poster has added can view a Story. To check or know who can view a Story, you can click on the profile section to open it.

Further, click on the settings section. Now, go to the Who Can option while scrolling down and click on the View My Story section. Here, you can choose who should view your Stories. For example, you can allow everyone to view your Story or only your friends. Moreover, the app also a Custom option allowing users to narrow down the list of who can take a screenshot or view a Story. Here, users can choose some specific Snapchatters.

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Source:Check Who Took a Screenshot or Viewed Your Snapchat Story: Here’s How


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