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Beware: Mod Packs of Minecraft Can Steal Your Data

If you are a fan of Minecraft, this blog is for you. Malicious apps are attacking smartphones and it is hampering the user experience.

The Minecraft game has millions of players worldwide and by taking advantage of this, malicious apps are targeting users’ devices. Kaspersky experts have detected several malicious apps aimed at data theft and fraud. In the game, users have to create and break different types of blocks to create their 3D world. Because of the popularity of the game, hackers are targeting users.

20 malicious apps revealed

Kaspersky researchers had earlier detected 20 malicious apps that claimed to offer different Minecraft features. These apps were removed from official app stores. The cybersecurity firm has now detected new apps designed to spread adware. These apps can also steal users’ social login details.

“The company’s researchers have analyzed several apps and many of them are available to download on the Google Play Store and claim to be modpacks for the game,” stated Kaspersky. Company experts have found that many apps are spreading adware and can be dangerous for users. These apps show full-screen ads to users even when running in the background.


Modpacks are packages prepared by users that provide additional gameplay elements. For example, a game can include new characters or tools with the help of mod packs.

Researchers found that some apps are delivering adware to mobile devices, meaning users can see a lot of unwanted ads. “These apps don’t even need any command to show advertisements on the device,” mentioned Kaspersky. In addition, these apps can load additional modules, which hide their icons and cannot be easily deleted. “

Personal data is at stake

Malicious apps can open browser windows, show app pages in Google Play Store and play YouTube videos. In this way, users’ smartphone usage experience is affected by them. Many malicious apps give users the option to log in with social media accounts. By doing so and entering the username-password, the user’s data is stolen, which can be misused later.

Using third-party stores or websites to install any app can make you a victim of malware. You must install an app on your phone from the official platform only and always watch app reviews, and if you need any specific app for work purposes find it in the editor’s choice.

Editors’ Choice apps give the best innovative, productive, and creator apps available on Android. Google also unveiled an improved Editors’ Choice section, which includes an app as well as game reviews compiled and organized by the Play Store editorial board. If your app is spotlighted on editors’ pick Google Play, it has a good chance of gaining a million downloads.

There are plenty of other applications that steal social media accounts. As per the cybersecurity organization, a fictitious ad network app and a fraudulent client used for TikTok advertising were available on Google Play. If a person visits their Facebook login information, their account will be compromised.

So, beware and double-check apps before giving permission. If you know more about the app, chances of hacking will become less and ultimately you can secure yourself from hackers.

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Source: Beware: Mod Packs of Minecraft Can Steal Your Data


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