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Google’s New Security Feature For The Users On Chrome 91

The Internet has, in reality, made our life simpler during the difficult times when most from across the globe are telecommuting or perusing the web for reading and amusement. To make it a more secure spot for its users, Google has recently announced the new security features for the Enhanced Safe Browsing for users on Chrome 91, which provides protection against downloading malicious files on the web. 

Enhanced Safe Browsing users will currently get extra assurance when introducing another extension from the Chrome Web Store.

Google states, “if you decide to send the file, Chrome will transfer it to Google Safe Browsing, which will examine it utilizing its static and dynamic analysis classifiers continuously. After a short stand by, if Safe Browsing decides the document is risky, Chrome will show a warning”. Users can likewise decide to open the file without going through the scanning process.

The feature introduced by Google will help users choose better extensions and will provide additional protection against downloading malicious files on the web.

As per the organization, Enhanced Safe Browsing users have effectively phished 35%, not exactly different users. So it will start the rollout of a new protection feature with Chrome 91 to Enhanced Safe Browsing users better downloading their files, just as offer extra securities against downloading malicious documents on the web.

 The organization says that with the integration of the Google Safe Browsing in 2020, the number of malicious extensions that Chrome disabled to secure users developed by 81%. So it will offer extra security when you introduce another extension from the Chrome Web Store. At the point when you do that, a dialogue will inform you if an extension you’re going to install isn’t a part of the list of extensions trusted by Enhanced Safe Browsing.

Ultimately, we take a strive at all developers with consistent extensions to arrive at this status after meeting these criteria. Today, this represents almost 75% of all extensions in the Chrome Web Store, and we expect that this number should continue to develop as new developers become trusted,”

Additionally, the organization likewise strived to give improved download assurance to the Enhanced Safe Browsing against hazardous files. And when you send a document, Chrome will transfer it to Google Safe Browsing. However, the transferred files from Safe Browsing are consequently deleted after scanning.

In the article, we have discussed google’s new security feature for the users on chrome 91 and how it improves download assurance against hazardous files.

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SOURCE: Google’s New Security Feature For The Users On Chrome 91


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