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Rectify the Issue of HP Printer Not Recognizing Cartridges

Have you become tired of looking for solutions to fix the issue of an HP printer not recognizing the cartridge? Have you tried out all possible methods but couldn’t rectify the issue? If yes, there is no need to worry! You have come to the right destination where the solution exists. In the article, we will introduce you to some quick and easy methods to fix the problem of an HP printer not detecting the cartridges. Moreover, we will let you know the causes of the issue. Let’s get started and learn how to rectify the issue.

Why is Your HP Printer Not Recognizing the Cartridges?

The error can occur on an HP printer when there is a technical issue with your printer or cartridges. We have mentioned several common causes for the occurrence of the error. Read below.

  • When you use a third-party cartridge on your HP printer, you may face this error on your HP printer.
  • You need to check the ink level as the insufficient ink in the cartridges will cause the issue to appear on your HP printer.
  • If the printhead gets clogged, the issue is likely to occur on your printer.

Note: We have discussed the main reasons behind the issue of an HP printer not recognizing the cartridges. Knowing the causes will help you fix the error quickly. Below are several methods for you. Take a glance at these.

Methods to Fix an HP Printer Not Recognizing Ink Cartridges

Method 1

When you have not correctly removed the protective tape around the cartridges, you may face the issue. A printer detects a cartridge when it is correctly installed. Make sure that you have installed the cartridges properly. Once cartridges are installed correctly, the error message will disappear.

Method 2

To get rid of the issue of your HP printer not recognizing the ink cartridges, ensure that the communication between both printer and cartridges is established properly. The dirty contact area of a cartridge is one of the most common reasons behind this issue. Keep the contacts clean so that your printer may detect them. Check if the cartridges are not damaged. If you see any cartridge defective, you need to replace it with a new one. Doing the process above will put the problem to an end.

Method 3

The improper installation of ink cartridges may irritate your printing experience and cause the issue of your HP printer not recognizing the ink cartridges. To fix the annoying problem, you first need to open the printer cover and take out the cartridges. Go through the process of reinstalling the cartridges. While installing the cartridges, you need to make sure that you install cartridges in the right slot. When cartridges are installed in the wrong slot, the error message will show on your HP printer. Reinstalling the cartridges in the right slot will quickly fix the problem.

Method 4

When one has not correctly clicked the ink cartridges into the right slot, the appearance of the error code is common. To properly click the cartridges, you first need to open the printer cover, take the cartridges out of the printer. Reinstall the cartridges, but make sure to click them appropriately. After that, you now need to close the printer cover. Try printing a test page to see if the issue is gone.

Note: By following the methods given above, one may fix the problem of an HP printer not recognizing the cartridges. Avoid taking risks if you are not aware of the printer and its parts. Contact an HP printer expert for assistance.


HP printers are trustworthy, but they may sometimes annoy a user. The article introduces the methods to fix the issue of an HP printer not recognizing the cartridges. We hope you find the solutions great.

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