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Ancestry DNA is Improving The Accuracy of New Ancestors Discoveries

Ancestry introduced Ancestor Discoveries in 2015 that connects Ancestry DNA customers with potential new ancestors that may not be in your Ancestry family tree previously. A new Ancestry Discovery seems if you share a major amount of DNA with multiple members of an Ancestry DNA circle, that means you can also be connected to the ancestor when the DNA circle is built around.

These clues can be great for starting your research and help you connect with other family members you did not know you had. To find new Ancestor Discoveries, we made an algorithm with specific standards that connect people to DNA circles based on their Ancestry DNA matches. This algorithm was made in 2015 when Ancestry launched New Ancestor Discoveries, and with the fast growth of the DNA database, it needs to be updated.

As the Ancestry DNA circles get larger and more DNA matches are delivered, more people connect to the Ancestry DNA circles that result in more New Ancestor Discoveries, but there is a decrease in accuracy. You need to have more connections into Ancestry DNA circles to get a New Ancestor Discovery.

And all these updates will decrease the New Ancestor Discoveries that lead to an increase in Accuracy. Some populations may feel larger decreases. Ancestry is working to monitor and adjust this as necessary to assure meaningful discoveries for our members. 

The new update to the Algorithm is currently happening, and you can also see the changes in the coming days. Earlier, you need to match at least two members from a known DNA Circle to be given a New Ancestor Discovery. Now, customers need to match 3 DNA Circle members to be given a New Ancestor Discovery.

For larger DNA Circles (16+ members), Ancestry users need to match 20% of DNA Circle to be given a New Ancestor Discovery.

Ancestry DNA Journey 

Think where you come from and what you are made of. Our sense of identity stems from our culture, upbringing, family values, and stories passed down from generation to generation. But how much do you know about who you are and where you come from? Ancestry joined forces with international travel search site, Momondo and put 67 people for the DNA test.

Each one has different values, backgrounds, cultures, and participants were taken on a journey into who they are based on the DNA. What they discovered is that they have more in common with other nationalities than they might have expected, and we all are one global family.

How DNA Works

Your DNA is unique to you, and how it can tell you more about where you come from. Brad Argent, Ancestry DNA expert, explains, we get 50% of our DNA from our father and 50% DNA from our mother. They get 50% from their parents, and it goes back a long way. Those little bits of our ancestors or forefathers drip down through our parents. A genetic DNA test looks at Genealogy elements such as ethnicity estimates that will tell you where your ancestors come from.

How does DNA open the world?

Many of us must have been thinking that we are a part of a specific cultural story. But our DNA reveals that we are part of many stories, explains Brad Argent. Our DNA tells us more about our biological history of who we are.

James Wilson and I am a writer. I live in the USA As a writer historical stuff attracts me. That’s why I activated an Ancestry DNA kit to find out my family’s history. To activate Ancestry DNA kit, visit:


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