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Gaming Experience Enhanced in ROG Phone 5

ASUS is reaching the epitome of the phone world by producing high-end devices from a gaming standpoint. ASUS launches a new phone that is setting the bars high for other gaming phones to match. ASUS launched three phones in the ROG 5 series: ASUS ROG 5, ASUS ROG 5 PRO, ASUS ROG 5 Ultimate.

The ASUS ROG 5 Ultimate is the latest gaming Android phone that draws the attention of gamers and gadget enthusiasts. The ASUS ROG 5 Ultimate is packed with mind-boggling features suitable for gamers; apart from that, the phone has impressive tech specs.

Control Options

The ASUS ROG 5 Ultimate has various controls that enhance the gameplay and increases the efficiency of controls. It includes standard touch controls and capacitive buttons present on the frame of the phone. Also, have motion control and a physical button on the AeroActive Cooler 5. Moreover, the capacitive buttons can be configured to trigger actions in the game. Generally, gamers require these many options.

ASUS claims to provide 18 control options in the ASUS ROG 5 Ultimate, which is by far the most control option in any smart gaming phone. To activate and calibrate the control options, the user needs to access the Asus Armoury Crate app. The Asus Armoury Crate app is preinstalled in the ROG 5 PRO. To configure the app, it needs a swipe from the phone’s left edge while in the game. The swipe from the left edge turns on the game genie.

Need for Advanced Control Options in Gaming

One of the main reasons we need different control options is the lack of quality touchscreen controls. The touchscreen control gets the job done but does not exceed it and does not help enhance the gaming experience. The quality, crispness, and accuracy required by the user while gaming is not satisfied by touchscreen controls. The reason being the ability to sense and process multi-touch inputs while gaming.

The poor touchscreen controls are tolerable in basic games, but in the present scenario, everyone is going mad for games like PUB-G, Call of Duty: Mobile, LifeAfter, etc., which require high-end multi-touch sensors. However, controller-based controllers enhance the gaming experience but are available in some games.

Here is when ASUS ROG 5 Ultimate is on point, providing 18 different controller options customized according to one’s gaming pattern and finger reach. ASUS ROG 5 Ultimate offers triggerable options which have a direct impact on the onscreen gameplay.

 ASUS ROG 5 Ultimate can be a better option for people that prefer to play tactical games. The tactical gameplay has several controls and to toggle to every control requires the lifting up of finger and then pressing upon the trigger of the desired action. ASUS ROG 5 Ultimate has options to customize the trigger buttons and even placing them on your comfortable side, which is not possible in any other phone.

To save time while lifting a finger and then pressing upon the desired button, you can set the left bumper of the phone to aim and the right bumper to fire. This customization saves your time while seeking and engaging the target. Also, you can move while aiming and firing, and you do not need to lift your finger off the screen.

This is an example of one of the possible customizations; ASUS ROG 5 Ultimate has several controller mods to offer and increase the gaming experience and puts you in the top spot in every game.


The gaming phone always has the edge over the non-gaming phone regarding the phone’s aesthetics, sound quality, display, multiple controller options, battery backup, etc. The gaming phone is designed solely for gaming, and therefore, a user gets a better gaming experience in a gaming phone.

For example, ASUS ROG 5 ultimate is purely a gaming phone. The significant specifications that set ROG 5 apart from other non-gaming phones are Pressure sensitive zones (Gaming triggers), Touch sensor, AMOLED display 800 nits (typical) and 1200 nits (peak), Corning Gorilla Glass Victus (for screen protection), Qualcomm SM8350 Snapdragon 888 (5 nm chipset), Adreno 660 Graphics Processing Unit, Li-Po 6000 mAh battery with fast charging feature.

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