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A Guide to Change PS4 Password

Do you own a PlayStation 4 Console? For every gaming enthusiast, PlayStation 4 console is a must-have gaming device. It is home to various well designed and well-written video games that you can play. It is a powerful gaming device that aims to provide you with the best ever gaming experience. On this gaming console, you can play some of the popular games like God of War, Horizon: Zero Dawn, and many others. PlayStation 4 is designed by Sony Computer Entertainment. And it is also said to be the second best selling home game console. A lot of people own this gaming device. Sony’s PlayStation 4 console also consists of various great features and settings that anyone can easily access. One can easily set up this gaming console.

For setting up any device, you need to create an account. And here also, for setting up Sony’s PlayStation 4, one needs to create an account. Well, doing that is also easy. And if you already own a PlayStation 4 Console, then it is possible that you already have an account. But sometimes, you might want to change your PS4 password. Do you know how to do that? Want to get the method for changing the PlayStation 4 password? If you are a new user of this gaming console, then you might not be aware of how you can change your PS4 password. If that is the case, then there is no need to go anywhere else now. You can get the procedure for this in this article. So, to get to the methods for changing or resetting a PS4 password, please read the full article.

The Method for Changing or Resetting the PlayStation 4 Password

Anyone can easily change the password of their PS4 or can reset it quickly. For this, you can use your computer system also. Or you can also change your password using the PlayStation itself. Both of the ways are much straightforward. We all are always advised to change the password of our accounts from time to time. This is necessary for securing your account. And with the increasing cases of hacking these days, it becomes even more important to change the passwords. To secure your PS4 account, we recommend you to use a strong password containing both the upper case and lowercase letters, along with a number and a symbol. And here, we will show you how you can change or reset your password for your PS4 account. So, let’s see what steps you will need to follow to perform the following task:

The Steps for Changing the PS4 Password

Here are the steps for changing the PS4 password:

  • To get started, first of all, you will have to select the option of Settings using your PS4 controller.
  • On the Settings window, select the option of “Account Management.”
  • And after clicking on the Account Management section, go to the “Account Information” tab.
  • On the Account Information settings screen, click on the “Security” option. And here, you might have to enter your current password.
  • And next, after reaching the security section, click on the “Password” option.
  • And then, type in your new password in the given space. Here, you must type the new password two times.
  • And after entering the password, click on the option of “Continue.” And that’s all. You have successfully changed your PS4 password. And if you want, you can also change the password using a web browser on your computer system. For that, you will have to visit Sony’s Account Management website.

The Steps to Reset the PS4 Password

You can use this method for changing your PS4 Password if you don’t remember your current password. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Firstly, select the option of Settings using your PS4 controller.
  • And after you reach the Settings page, navigate to the “Account Management” option.
  • And next, you will have to sign out of your account if you are already logged in.
  • And now, proceed by clicking on the “Sign In” button.
  • And after you reach the Sign In screen, use the triangle button given on your PS4 controller.
  • And now, you might be asked to enter your Sign-in ID. After entering your Sign-in ID, click on “Next.”
  • And now, you will get an email at the registered email address. Open the email and visit the link mentioned in the email.
  • And now, follow the on-screen instructions to reset your PS4 password. And that’s all.

So, that’s all you will need to do to change your PlayStation 4 password. You can try any of the methods mentioned above easily. And that’s all for now. To read more articles like this, please visit the official website

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