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How to Pair/Link Shazam with Spotify

If Shazam on your iPhone is your preferred app to find songs just by their rhythms or lyrics, and if you’re using the Spotify app as well, you can link the account of both of these apps together. Well, the benefit of linking accounts of both of these apps is that you’ll be able to listen and add the search songs easily. Definitely, this will make your music searching and listening experience better. Shazam is not some new app, but it’s been here for a long time, plus it has improved itself a lot.

After the launch of iOS 14, Apple has changed many things in a great way. Now users can set their preferred default music app, which wasn’t available before. You may know the Shazam app, owned by Apple, and previously it was only linked with Apple Music. But now, this thing isn’t the same anymore because you can now link your Spotify account with the Shazam app.

Indeed, both Apple Music and Shazam are tough competitors, but Apple’s main motive is to make things a bit easier for users. Millions of users from worldwide use Spotify as their preferred music app. Once you find an unknown song on the Shazam app, you can hear it directly on the Spotify app if your Spotify account is linked. So if you want to make this happen, here’s how you can link Shazam to Spotify.

How to Link Shazam to Spotify

Before starting the process, make sure both Spotify and Shazam apps are successfully installed.

Launch Shazam application.

  • Over the main screen of Shazam, slide up from the bottom.
  • Click the gear icon at the top-left side of the display to open the settings.
  • Under the Settings tab, click the Connect option in the Spotify section.
  • Now you’ll see a pop-up window to connect with Spotify.
  • Press Connect to Spotify option to process further.
  • Now Shazam will ask to open the Spotify app.
  • Click Spotify app.
  • Now under the Spotify Authorize tab, press Agree.
  • Now, you’ll be redirected to the Shazam app and will see that Spotify is well connected with the Shazam app.
  • Turn on the Sync Shazam to Spotify option.

So that’s all you have to do to link Shazam with Spotify.

Once you link Shazam and Spotify successfully, you’ll be able to hear songs that you search on the Shazam app. Enabling the Sync Shazam to Spotify will allow you to no longer open the Spotify app manually.

In the future, if you ever wish to disconnect the Shazam app with Spotify, you’ll have to open the same settings tab and disconnect the Shazam app from Spotify. Songs that you added to the Spotify app through Shazam will remain there.


Any unknown song, tone, or lyrics you’re hearing, you can find by opening the Shazam app and press the Shazam icon. Sometimes the Shazam app can take time to recognize the song, but mostly it opens the result in a few seconds.

SOURCE: How to Pair/Link Shazam with Spotify


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