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How to Delete Apps from iPad and iPhone via App Store

Updating and installing apps is just a basic thing in a smartphone. There are millions of apps available in the App Store, but every app is not relevant to everyone. People install those which they find easier to learn and understand. However, sometimes while updating apps, users realize that they don’t want some particular apps that are mistakenly installed. With iPhone and iPad users, this type of situation takes place a lot of time because of the size of the apps.

Updating an app on iOS and iPadOS devices is pretty simple. Even after getting a lot of major updates and UI improvements, the app updating procedure is still the same, which is really admirable. However, the Apple developers have changed the app update location and it is slightly frustrating for some users. With the newly updated location, iOS and iPadOS have received an ability where users can delete or remove the installed apps. Well, it slightly lowers the frustration because uninstalling apps individually has always been a big problem. So if anyone doesn’t want to update some apps and is willing to remove some installed apps quickly, they should utilize the new simple way to delete apps from their device.

How to Quickly Delete/Remove Apps from iPad and iPhone

To utilize the new updating apps section, users must keep their device’s OS up to date.

  • Launch the App Store and iPad or iPhone.
  • Click on the Account’s Profile Picture.
  • A list of apps will appear to update.
  • Swipe left on the following apps individually to delete them.
  • Click on the appeared Delete option in the red box to remove the app from the device.
  • Press Delete once to confirm the process.
  • Follow the same procedure with all those apps that should be removed, or click on update to start the update process.

By following the above-mentioned steps, users can remove any installed app in a few seconds. If there are tons of apps installed in an iPad or iPhone device, swipe left procedure will be highly useful.

The update tab also shows those apps that are not in use for a long time but installed in the device. So it also becomes easier for the users to find those apps which are not in use but installed. Deleting unused apps can also be removed by the same procedure in both iPad and iPhone.

The swipe and delete feature works in several ways like removing messages, removing emails, and many more similar things, but a lot of iPhone users are not aware of it. Unfortunately, the device doesn’t indicate to the user how to remove apps quickly, but it is still a part of both iPadOS and iOS.


Finding, downloading, and installing apps on iPad and iPhone don’t take much time if the internet connection is fast. Apps and Games in the App Store are separated in different categories which include a Top apps and games section too. If any user is looking to remove any particular app, they can also use the old tap and hold method to delete the app from the device.

SOURCE: How to Delete Apps from iPad and iPhone via App Store


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