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How to Enable & Use Closed Captions and Subtitles on iPad and iPhone

Looking to use closed captions or subtitles on videos on iPad or iPhone? Well, subtitles help the users to understand the ongoing conversation of a movie or show if the video is playing on a foreign language. Fortunately, in both iPad and iPhone, users can view close captions and subtitles on whichever service they are running.

Subtitles mostly help while watching movies or shows on smartphone devices. Closed Captions and subtitles are useful for those people who watch foreign language videos and for those who have hearing problems. In iPadOS and iOS, the closed captioning and subtitles are considered as an accessibility feature. After enabling the feature, it will apply to every app or service where the user watches videos.

How to Enable Subtitles & Closed Captions on iPad and iPhone

Follow the steps:

  • Move into Settings.
  • Slide down and press the Accessibility option.
  • In the Accessibility tab, select the Subtitles & Captioning option below the Hearing section.
  • Toggle on the Closed Captions + SDH.
  • To customize the subtitles look, click on the Style option.
  • Choose your preferred style in the Style tab.
  • So after following these steps, the closed captioning and subtitles will get activated.

So now while watching a video on iPad or iPhone device, subtitles or closed captioning will appear on the screen.

How to Enable Subtitles on Apple TV App

People who watch shows and movies on Apple TV app subscription, they can access subtitles pretty easily in the Apple TV app. So let’s get started:

  • Start any show or movie on TV.
  • Click anywhere on the screen to access the playback feature.
  • Now at the button on the right side of the display, the subtitles icon will appear next to the AirPlay option.
  • Choose a preferred language in the Audio & Subtitles tab, and press Done.

Additionally, if anyone is using Amazon Prime, Netflix, Disney+, etc. they can follow the same procedure to start using subtitles. In both iPad and iPhone devices, the procedure are completely the same, so there’s nothing too difficult.

Closed captioning and subtitle language is based on the app. If a user is using a certain app that is available in a country, so it may doesn’t have any subtitle language. However, subscription services like Disney+, Netflix, and Amazon Prime are available in most of the countries, so users will probably find their preferred subtitle language.


Accessibility feature on the iPad and iPhone has a lot of features for its users. Before using the closed captioning and subtitle feature, every user must be assured of the latest OS version, and also the app must be running on the latest version.

SOURCE: How to Enable & Use Closed Captions and Subtitles on iPad and iPhone


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