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How to Enable Apple ProRAW on Apple iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone Pro Max

Undoubtedly, Apple iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone Pro Max have the most incredible cameras. iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max cameras just amazed the smartphone industry through its quality and features. However, most of the people have complained that they are unable to take excellent photos with their iPhone Pro and iPhone Pro Max. Well, the main reason behind this is because they’re not capturing photos in Apple ProRAW format.

There’s no need to capture a normal photo through ProRAW, but it becomes necessary when you’re about to capture a special photo that represents your photography skills. Basically, the Apple ProRAW image format allows the users to capture 12-bit RAW photo files with the iPhone. So if you’re willing to capture ProRAW images through your iPhone, here’s what you have to do.

How to Enable Apple ProRAW

Apple ProRAW works on the latest iOS, so make sure to keep your device’s OS version on iOS 14.3 or above. Once you meet the basic requirement, let’s get started:

  • Open Settings from the homepage.
  • Slide down, and open Camera settings.
  • Press the Format option.
  • Find Apple ProRAW option under the Photo Capture section.
  • Toggle on Apple ProRAW option.

Once you activate it on your iPhone 12 Pro or iPhone 12 Pro Max, your device will begin to capture uncompressed high-quality images. You’ll also see the RAW option on your Camera app just in front over the viewfinder. Even if you toggle on the Apple ProRAW option, the camera will still capture photos in default JPEG or HEIC format. So you have to press the RAW option to begin capturing Apple ProRAW images.

Just like other features, ProRAW features can’t be enabled all the time. You’ll have to select it before capturing a photo. Capturing low light photos with the ProRAW feature delivers the best contrast, brightness and dark shadow in the photo.

In any case, if anyone wants to keep this feature enabled all the time, they simply need to open Settings>Camera>Preserve Settings and toggle on Camera Mode. The size of a ProRAW captured image is much bigger than normal images. A single image that is captured by ProRAW is up to 25MB size. As compared to a normal image like JPEG and HEIF, ProRAW image is 8-12 times bigger in size. If you ever run out of storage, you’ll have to take the backup of big size photos using iTunes or iCloud.

Both iCloud and iTunes offer users to take a backup of their important documents and images. However, the free storage capacity of iCloud is only 5GB, but users can purchase more storage if necessary.


The Apple ProRAW feature in iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max is such a premium feature that has some restrictions. To capture photos in Apple ProRAW mode is only available for Pro Models because of RAM size. However, after capturing multiple images, users can take a backup of it through iCloud and iTunes.

SOURCE: How to Enable Apple ProRAW on Apple iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone Pro Max


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