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What To Do When An Instagram Account Is Disabled, Deleted, Or Hacked

Instagram is a popular social network used globally. And if someone loses an account of this popular platform, it can be frustrating. There can be many reasons for losing an Instagram account. If you also have lost your account on Instagram and looking for ways to recover it, you have reached the right destination. When you are disconnected from Instagram, you also get disconnected from your followers.

On the other hand, you also lose your posts, including photos and videos. But you don’t need to worry about your lost account. We will guide you through this post so you can reconnect with your Instagram account. 

This post will help you recover a disabled, deleted, or hacked account. Getting back an Instagram account may take a few days or even a few weeks, depending on the situation. So, let’s see how you can get back your account. 

Why does an Instagram account get disabled? 

An Instagram account is disabled because of many reasons. Moderators can strike without any warning. A pop-up message lets you know that your account is disabled when you try to log in next time. This scenario is not the same as when you use an incorrect username and password. If the problem is with entering an incorrect username and password, you can easily reset your account using email and phone numbers. 

When an Instagram account is disabled, it happens because of not following community guidelines and terms of use. Violating community guidelines and terms of use involves illegal activities, nudity, hate speech, and graphic violence. If someone is engaged in repeat offending activities, their account can be removed permanently.  

Moreover, it is not challenging to recover a disabled Instagram account. You can get back your account in a few days. 

Recovering a disabled Instagram account

In the case of a disabled Instagram account, the first thing you have to do is hit the Learn More option from the prompts. The Learn More button will give you an idea about recovering your Instagram account. After knowing the possible reasons for disabling the account, you will have to raise an account recovery appeal. And when you pass the request, you get back your account. You can appeal multiple times in a day until you get back your account. 

You can also visit the official contact page to raise an appeal. Don’t apologize for anything, as it will prove that there is a fault from your end. If you have not intentionally violated any significant rules, the officials will respond in a few days. 

Activating deactivated Instagram account

Deactivating an account means you don’t want to use the platform temporarily. But you can easily activate your deactivated account. To do so, log in to the account using any device, and your account is activated automatically without any effort from your end as your login attempt gets successful. 

Getting back a hacked Instagram account

Hackers may also target your Instagram account to execute illegal activities. Don’t delay in taking appropriate action when you suspect hacking activities on your account. 

The first thing you have to do is look for an email that says your account email address has been changed. If you find an email like this, you can reverse the action instantly. If an email is not found, request a login link from the login screen on your mobile number, not the hacker’s email. Go through the onscreen instruction to re-access your account. If the above methods work, update your account credentials immediately.

If nothing works, you still have an option where you can report your account. Below are the steps to report a hacked Instagram account.

  • Go to the login page and hit Get help signing in for an Android. In the case of an iOS device, hit Forgot Password
  • If you have an Android device, fill in the details like username, email address, or mobile number. After that, hit Next. 
  • Click Need more help? and take help of onscreen directions. 

If you are reporting your account, you will have to send your photo with a security code for verification purposes.

Getting back a deleted Instagram account

If your Instagram account has been deleted by you or someone along with login credentials, the deleted account can’t be recovered. So, avoid sharing your account details with anyone. Be serious when you see a suspicious email and update your password without any delay. While a deleted account can’t be recovered but you can use the same email and mobile number with a different user name to make a new account. On the new account, you can’t retrieve previous followers.

SOURCE: What To Do When An Instagram Account Is Disabled, Deleted, Or Hacked


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