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What To Do If Your Twitter Account Is Locked

If you are here after your Twitter account is locked, suspended, and restricted or limited, it is your right destination. This article will help you fix all such issues on your Twitter account. You can have a problem accessing your Twitter account because of suspicious activity from your end, or sometimes Twitter officially locks your account in order to protect you from hackers. Let’s see how to fix the issues you may have in your Twitter account from locked and suspended to limited and restricted.

Ways to unlock a locked Twitter account

If your account is locked on Twitter, you see a message when you try to sign in saying about the causes of the account to be locked and also the ways to unlock it. You can’t access your account until you unlock it. In addition to it, you may even get an email regarding your locked account. You may also get notified on the associated phone number. Moreover, follow the suggestions provided by the notification or message you get from Twitter and act accordingly. Here are some suggestions you may find from Twitter to do to unlock your account. 

  • Follow the link provided in the message or notification and reset your password.  
  • Use the PIN that you will get on your mobile number linked to your account. 
  • You may have to do a combination of these steps. 

A locked Twitter account is not a big deal. You can unlock your account in just a few minutes. 

Ways to fix an account that is limited or restricted

A restricted or limited Twitter account may be mild to severe. If we talk about a mild activity, it can be too much liking or tweeting. A serious activity involves threatening messages, cyberstalking, impersonation, harassment, and more. There can be many reasons for making your account limited or restricted. But keep in mind that Twitter always provides you the reason for making the account restricted and the actions that you should take. Try these actions listed below.

  • You have to verify your email.
  • You also have to validate your phone number or add a new one.
  • Consider deleting the tweets that violate the guidelines. 
  • Update your password.
  • Raise an appeal regarding the issue through the official form. 

While communicating with Twitterofficials behave apologetically. 

What to do when your account is suspended 

There can be something serious if your Twitter account has been suspended, as the suspension doesn’t happen in normal situations. Account suspension occurs when you violate some major social network’s rules or community guidelines. But don’t worry, it is human to make a mistake. It is still possible to re-establish a suspended Twitter account.   

Practice some preventive ways to protect your account from being suspended or restricted. You have to ensure that you have used one email and one mobile number for your Twitter account and try to link it with your website if you use one. Use a Twitter avatar and provide all details about you asked by Twitter. Avoid following more than 400 accounts, sending more than 2400 tweets, and writing more than 1000 DMs daily. On the other hand, follow the actions you will see while logging into your Twitter account. The actions may be different according to users. But it generally describes you to verify your identity using your email and phone number. Finally, the ultimate method you can try is to raise an appeal. 

SOURCE: What To Do If Your Twitter Account Is Locked


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