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What is Incognito Mode and How does it Work

Incognito Mode or private window is a great feature or setting in an internet browser that allows you to browse the internet privately. When you browse through Incognito Mode, your browsing history doesn’t store in the regular search history. You can also use the private window if you don’t want to be tracked by a website through cookies. Here is more to know about Incognito Mode. 

How does Incognito Mode work? 

Incognito Mode erases all the local data during an internet browsing session. When you visit a website on the internet, it may try to upload cookies on your device to track you. Here Incognito Mode makes your browsing safe by blocking or deleting cookies meaning no browsing data is collected in the local search history. Also, it blocks other trackers, third-party toolbars, and many more things.

Such private settings have an impact on certain devices and their browsing data. Still, Incognito Mode doesn’t have an impact on a lot of data left behind. 

Is it possible to see browsing history after browsing through Incognito Mode? 

As Incognito Mode alters Google Chrome just like that, other privacy modes affect their browsers in the same way. Remember that an internet browser isn’t always responsible for tracking the search history. For example, when you browse through a Windows PC, someone can find DNS files using the right commands, and Incognito Mode may not acknowledge such things. That means, if someone has made their mind to locate your search history, they can do it with the right tools. 

Many apps are also available to reveal your search history. Someone can use parental control apps to know what you browse on the web without being affected by a privacy setting. 

Can Google store the data of Incognito Mode?

Google may do it, but it is a topic of debate. As per research, if Google wants, it may link the Incognito search data with your Google accounts and also on other platforms like YouTube for a fair purpose (to know about the Incognito user and their identity).

But Google isn’t in favor of this research and says that it has been only done to discredit us as we would never do such type of monitoring or tracking. You can visit to know more about the issue. 

Protection against malware and other digital dangers through Incognito Mode

Incognito Mode isn’t designed to protect you against malware and other digital dangers as it’s not a security software. It doesn’t use a firewall and eliminates viruses. While browsing through Incognito Mode, malware and viruses can still affect your system if you aren’t using protection against them. 

So, keep your mind clear that Incognito Mode can’t do anything in case of malware already installed on your device. 

Can employers track Incognito activity?

Yes, employers can track Incognito browsing activity. If you are involved in internet usage at work in a company, then be aware because your employer can track Incognito browsing data if needed. However, it depends on the company’s work and business model. Not only can companies watch you on Incognito Mode, but also your internet service provider can also track you. 

Can a website track you in Incognito Mode?

You should remove all your confusion regarding Incognito Mode. A privacy setting is only made to provide some privacy by blocking cookies and search history. You can’t hide your online presence just using Incognito Mode. A website owner can also track you if you have formerly visited their website. If you visit a site that involves login or sign in activity, the tracking can become easier. 

SOURCE: What is Incognito Mode and How does it Work


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