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Top 3 Ways to Install Android on PC

Android is the easiest operating system, and it is widely used by billions of people around the world. Some people are using an Android device, but also want to turn their PC into Android too. There’s nothing wrong if anyone is willing to use Android on their desktop device and use Android apps and games on it. For a Windows user, there are plenty of ways to turn their PC into an Android device through bootable USB versions, emulators and with applications like BlueStacks. Every method has its cons and pros based on the user’s requirements. So if anyone is holding themselves to know how to turn their PC into Android, here are the top three ways for it.

Pure Android Emulation and Genymotion

For desktop, Genymotion provides a huge number of features, configuration options and amazing user experience. It runs on Android Virtual Device like VirtualBox that users have to install.

The only and the biggest drawback of Genymotion is the simulation of the camera, GPS, multi-touch, SMS & calls that are a major part of an Android device. It supports a lot of apps, and also those apps which are currently in testing condition. It also supports cloud access services like Alibaba and Amazon.

Genymotion is mainly used by those people who are developers and looking for a platform to test their apps. However, it’s a free tool, so anyone can download it for free.


It’s a big thing for Android gamers. MEmu is an easy and useful platform to play Android games on PC. It’s a Chinese tool that includes ads, but it is way better than many other options. MEmu mainly focuses on the gaming side, and definitely, it is worth a try for those who’re looking to move their platform.

Great thing about MEmu is its performance because it can run multiple apps at the same time. Users also get input mouse, and keyboard on this tool which makes the app easily accessible. Users can customize window size and can move up to minimum size to avoid crashing apps.


BlueStacks is a highly preferable tool to run Android apps and games on PC. This tool was founded in 2011 and still millions of people around the world use it. Great thing about BlueStacks is its performance which is extremely smooth. Additionally, the UI of BlueStacks is dedicated to games, multi-instance support and key-mapping to run a couple of apps and Google account at once.


People who want to get a free and highly durable tool to run Android games and apps on the desktop, they should try out BlueStacks. Its UI and app suggestion tab help the user to get the most out of this tool.

SOURCE: Top 3 Ways to Install Android on PC


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