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Make these Changes on YouTube to Quickly Find What You’re Looking For

You probably won’t believe it, but every minute, there are more than 500 hours of videos getting uploaded. Undoubtedly, YouTube is the only platform that has every type of content for its user. From advanced material to learning a very basic activity, you can open YouTube and search for it. Additionally, whatever is happening in the world right now, you can see it on YouTube in video format.

The user experience on YouTube is ultimate, but you can still try out some good steps to improve your experience. If you’re a regular viewer of YouTube, then you should go for YouTube Premium. The YouTube Premium won’t just offer you some Original YouTube content, but you’ll also get to see ads free videos along with YouTube Music.

You can also watch content offline, and in the background without stopping the currently playing video. You can also manage the Playback speed if you wish to finish watching a certain video quickly or slowly. Users that use YouTube on mobile can try out some useful features to make their streaming experience better. So let’s get started.

Utilize the Recommendations

While watching a video, you might have seen recommended videos on the right sidebar. Those recommended videos are some high quality and highly viewed videos that could be relevant to you. So without wasting any time on finding video, you can tap on any recommended video to see if it’s helpful for you or not.

Most of the videos that you’ll find on the recommended section will be loved by the viewers and might have a high number of thumbs up. So even if you don’t like that video or it’s not relevant to you, then you can put a dislike to it, and look for another video.

Manage Subscriptions

If you subscribe to any channel, you’ll see their videos on the top or at the front when you open the app. If the content creator you have subscribed to uploads a new video, you can receive its notification by pressing down the Bell icon near the Subscribe button. However, if you have subscribed to multiple channels and now don’t know which ones are relevant to you, you can navigate to the Subscription tab. In the following tab, you’ll see a Manage option that will allow you to see all the channels that you have subscribed to. You can choose to unsubscribe those YouTube channels that are not relevant to you anymore. YouTube sends you a notification when a subscribed channel uploads something, but if you’re getting frustrated from it, then you turn off the notifications too. To do this, you simply need to open any video of that channel and press the Bell icon once again to turn off its notification.

Create Playlists

Well, the playlists feature on YouTube is such an underrated feature. It’s true that most of the viewers don’t focus on this feature, neither have they used it often, but it can be really helpful. You can use the Playlists feature on YouTube to collect and manage different types of videos. Great thing about playlist features is that you can create Public, Unlisted and Private playlists. 

Public playlist will be open, and everyone will be able to see the content on that playlist. The Unlisted playlist can only be viewed by those people who have the link to the playlist. And the last category of playlist is Private Playlist that only its creator can see.

If you have a good taste in music, you can create a music playlist for yourself, but if you wish to do some social work, then you can set its privacy to Public. After choosing the privacy as Public, viewers will be able to see your playlist in the recommendation or by searching its name. 


YouTube has a massive amount of content for viewers to watch, but sometimes users get confused about what to watch. So in this condition, the recommended section comes in to help that suggests latest, relevant and liked videos. 

SOURCE : Make these Changes on YouTube to Quickly Find What You’re Looking For


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