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5 Anime That Inspired The Making Of Movies In Hollywood

Anime has been inspiring Hollywood movies for the past several years. The audiences also have an interest in these anime because of their big impact on the cultural landscape. The first anime named Three Tales was presented in front of the western audience in 1960. Anime has inspired many movie makers in order to bring life to various extraordinary tales. It includes several complex and interesting stories. There have been a number of anime throughout several years that have impressed the audience and also tempted the filmmakers to adapt them into Hollywood movies. In this article, we have listed the five anime that inspired the Hollywood moviemakers to adapt them.

Looper – Akira

Looper is a famous sci-fi action film in Hollywood. It is directed and written by Rian Johnson. The film was released in the year 2012. Rian made this film by taking various elements from several films and anime, including Akira. Cid is a character that has been shown in the film Looper, has a direct connection with Katsuhiro Otomo’s Akira. The character shows the power of an individual in this case and how they are being converted into monsters by this power. Despite this, there are a lot of similarities that can be noticed between the film Looper and the anime Akira.

Clash Of The Titans – Saint Seiya

Clash of the Titans is one of the most famous action fantasy films, which was released in the year 2010 and directed by Louis Leterrier. Though the maximum plot of the film Clash of the Titans has inspired by the legend of Perseus and Greek mythology, it is also inspired by some fantasy and mythological manga, which is known as Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac. There are various elements from this anime that have been adapted for a movie by Louis.

Van Helsing & Blade – Vampire Hunter D

Van Helsing is a famous Hollywood film based on vampires starring Hugh Jackman in the leading role. On the other hand, Blade is a superhero horror film based on Marvel Comics. There are various similarities between these two Hollywood movies and the anime Vampire Hunter D. If we talk about the black Boss of the Plains hat and Hugh Jackman’s black duds, we will find a lot more similar elements to Vampire Hunter D.

Edge Of Tomorrow – All You Need Is Kill

Edge Of Tomorrow is one of the most famous Sci-Fi films in Hollywood. It was released in the year 2014 and directed by Doug Liman. In this film, one of the most famous Hollywood actors, Tom Cruise, portrays the character of William Cage. He has played a remarkable and unforgettable role in this film. However, you may find it interesting that the character William has been inspired by the character Keiji Kiriya, who is the protagonist of a light Sci-Fi novel, All You Need Is Kill, which was written by Hiroshi Sakurazaka.

Black Swan – Perfect Blue

Black Swan is another popular psychological horror film, which was released in the year 2010 and directed by Darren Aronofsky. There are a number of similarities that can be noticed between the film Black Swan and the anime Perfect Blue. These similar factors include the storyline, the specific shots, the path to fame, and more.

This article concludes all the five best Hollywood movies that have been inspired by their respective anime.

SOURCE: 5 Anime That Inspired The Making Of Movies In Hollywood


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