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Batman: Why The Animated Series Revival Is An Exciting Idea

Recently, we have heard some stunning rumors that Batman: The Animated Series, which is a critically-acclaimed television series. According to the rumors, a revival is being developed for Batman: The Animated Series. Batman will be featuring in some of the future big projects. However, with every revival, there come some risks as well. But, it could be more exciting as well. There are various ideas that show that the Batman: The Animated Series revival could be a success, and some show it could not be worth developing. In this article, we have discussed some of the exciting things about Batman: The Animated Series that show the revival is an exciting idea.

BTAS’ Legacy In Batman Lore/Branding

As Batman: The Animated Series is a legendary legacy on DC, it is one of the biggest reasons for this excitement. According to the vast mythos, it is the admired part of Batman-story in the Dark Knight. Now, if the makers bring a revival in the upcoming days, it will be definitely bringing some degree of excitement along with that. In order to make the revival a successful and popularity gaining revival, it should be passionately written and include great animation and art styles. It would be a great idea to make Batman appear in a TV series instead of a film as a protagonist.

Liberties Of Reboots, Multiverses

Treating this revival of Batman: The Animated Series could evade the problem. The superhero genre and the comic books usually have a long and well-established concept of the multiverse in their universe, where everything is non-canon and canon simultaneously and depends on the timeline we are talking about. The creative and innovative liberties of reboot would be the greatest strength of this potential animated series.


Batman: The Animated Series was the beginning of a beloved and long-running TV animated show for Batman, but it proved for more encouragement. Similarly, Superman also got his animated show, such as Justice League Unlimited and Justice League. And this is known as DCAU that contains the interconnected universes to the comics’ pages. The DCAU has been praised a lot for Batman: The Animated Series and the associated shows with it. So, it would be a great idea to start a new animated show with a DCAU revival.

Modern Art Styles & Animation

The previous Batman: The Animated Series has always been praised for its great animation and modern art styles, but to start a revival of this show on today’s date would be really a great idea. If a revival was to be made on today’s date, there could be enhanced and improved animations depending upon today’s improved technological skills and advancements, along with the latest art styles. When it comes to animation, if the excellent art of Castlevania would not fit here, the quality and level of animation would certainly fit here.

Batman As A Main Character On TV

Batman has been the only superhero as the main character after the end of a lot of animated DC TV shows. However, it is a good thing because meantime, various other characters have been brought under the spotlight, despite the fact that Batman will always remain dominant on other characters. And to watch him as a protagonist on TV again with the revival of Batman: The Animated Series would be a great idea.

This article concludes some of the facts that show that developing a revival of Batman: The Animated Series would be a great idea.

SOURCE: Batman: Why The Animated Series Revival Is An Exciting Idea


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