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Arrowverse: 5 Characters Who Are Smarter Than They Seemed

The Arrowverse introduces a variety of characters in the show. Some of the characters think that they are very intelligent, while others are smarter than they seem. The Arrowverse has brought various DC characters to the small screen. The characters include a lot of villains and heroes who are both smart and dumb. For example, Felicity Smoak is smart, according to the viewers, because she kept Oliver alive. However, there are a lot of characters in the series which are not smart actually even after their wonderful acting. In this article, we have discussed some of the characters in the series Arrowverse who are smarter than they have seemed during the entire series.

Sara Lance

Sara and Laurel are the two daughters of Quentin Lance. Both of her daughters are interested in Oliver Queen, who is a playboy son of Moira and Robert Queen. When Queen’s yacht sinks, Robert, Sara, and Oliver are all about to die, but they all survived. However, in order to save his son, Robert has to sacrifice himself. Sara has been underestimated throughout the series consistently in comparison with Laurel. However, it has been proved later, after the events of the Legends of Tomorrow, that Sara is a capable warrior, a wise, and an intelligent leader.

Wild Dog

Wild Dog is another character in the series Arrowverse. In the superhero business of Green Arrow, he has picked up a lot of sidekicks and partners. Once, he had a great team of people who helped him in cleaning their city. Wild Dog is one of his team members. When Wild Dog was introduced for the first time, it felt that he is a thug with some sort of attitude. But, the fact is that he is a lot more intelligent and understanding guy than he seems in the show. The degree of Oliver Queen’s and his anger is somewhat similar, as shown in the series.

John Diggle

John Diggle is one of the most intelligent men on the show, but it never seemed throughout the series that he is intelligent enough along with a muscular body physique. John is the earliest teammate of Oliver Queen, along with Felicity Smoak when Oliver finally returned home. John is an experienced operative and soldier who has the ability to manage the back of Oliver in the field. He was also responsible for keeping Oliver underground for quite a long time. He has a great sense of finding the truth out of a situation when everyone fails in doing that, including Oliver. In this way, he can be considered a more intelligent man than he seems during the entire show.

Iris West-Allen

Barry Allen and Iris West are introduced together for the first time when the show turns towards The Flash. Iris is the wife of The Flash, who has been considered as the Fastest Man Alive and a police officer’s daughter. She is a capable person and intelligent enough to make The Flash move in the right direction. She has supported Barry in many ways, and things would have been different for Barry without Iris. However, the viewers of the show already understood that she is a smart woman, but she proves herself even smarter than people thought.

Eddie Thawne

According to the show, Barry has been shown to be perplexed by Iris right from the start, but he could not act on it because of Eddie Thawne. Eddie is a detective at Central City Police Department, partner of the father of Iris, and a friend of Barry. He is also dating Iris, and if we analyze the whole situation, it feels pretty awkward. Eddie has the potential to look into the matter and find the truth out of situation and take the required action. In this way, he is a more intelligent character than he seems during the events of the Arrowverse.

This article concludes with some of the more intelligent characters on the show The Arrowverse than they seemed.

Source: Arrowverse: 5 Characters Who Are Smarter Than They Seemed


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