Edge Chromium 88: Latest Features In the Updated Version

Edge Chromium 88 has made its way to the computer society; The version has come with some amazing features for the WIndows and macOS versions of the browser, such as the latest password protection tools, an improved look, and various well-being enhancements. There are a lot of reasons you will find these new features amazing and comprehensive for productivity.

Arbitrary Password Generator & Security Monitor

Edge 88’s update has come with some really comprehensive security for the users. The latest changes for security enhancement will surely help you keep your network and data safe from intruders and hackers. This arbitrary password manager is the highlight of Edge 88’s latest update for Windows and MacOS. It quickly creates strong passwords whenever you create a new account or choose the option to update your existing password. Edge’s updated version saves your newly created password for you and facilitates the auto-fill setup, which helps you forget the password.

Microsoft has also taken an impressive step to enhance the security of its users from data breaching thefts. Edge’s security monitor is always there to keep you aware of data breaches. It cross-references your existing login data with the real-time data breaches and gives you immediate alerts if finds any of your accounts are compromised.

Both of these security features require you to log into your Edge 88 with your Microsoft account. You will need to enable Password Syncing by using the steps given below.

Steps to turn on the password generator:

  • Open Microsoft Edge on your device.
  • Next, Sign in with your account credentials.
  • Choose the Settings tab.
  • Then, select the Profile icon.
  • Later, you will find the Passwords option.
  • Turn on the options “Offer to save passwords” & “Suggest strong passwords.”

After turning on these options, your browser is now ready to create random and strong passwords for you anytime. The security monitor will start the automated referencing to your saved sign-in data in Edge. You can find that data by using the following steps:

  • Click on the Settings tab.
  • Afterward, choose the Profile option.
  • Select Passwords.
  • There you will find the Saved Password options.
  • Double click to inspect the data.

Sidebar Search Results

Edge has now improvised its User-Interface to make your multi-tasking easier than before. Now, you don’t have to open a new tab or leave the page to search any of the terms you find difficult to understand or is important to search for. Now, you just need to highlight the word you want to search and right-click to open the search tab. A sidebar will immediately open there with relevant search results.

Latest Themes & Appearance

Microsoft Edge 88’s update has also given you the power to change the browser’s appearance by using the latest “Fluent Design” display icons to match Microsoft’s other productivity applications and programs. You can choose from the 24 latest themes to personalize your Edge’s look. All 24 themes have a specific color and wallpaper design.

The Sleeping Tabs

Edge 88 allows users to set inactive tabs to” go to sleep” by setting a time. Edge doesn’t check for the sleeping tabs in the background, and the PC’s memory and CPU become free to be utilized for any tasks.

Users get some pop-up notifications to remind you to turn on the sleeping tabs so that you can save on Edge’s resource utility. To configure the setting, choose the Settings option then you find the System tab there. Click and later chose the Save resources. You can set the inactivity time for each tab or never “go to sleep” for particular sites.

Additional Comprehensive Features

Most of these additional features were available only on several platforms, but Microsoft Edge 88 now offers standard features for all Edge PC versions.

  • You can also check for your outlook email inbox on the new tab page.
  • Edge is now offering Cross-Device History and Tab Syncing to all the Microsoft account holders.
  • Automated Profile Switching is also now available for Mac.

Steps to download the Edge 88 version update:

  • Open Edge on your device.
  • Visit the Settings tab.
  • Open the About Microsoft Edge.

The download of the update will start automatically, or it may take up to 7-10 days to reach some people.

John Hunt is a self-professed security expert; he has been making the people aware of the security threats. His passion is to write about Cyber security, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. He writes for Norton security products at norton.com/setup.

SOURCE: Edge Chromium 88: Latest Features In the Updated Version

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