Philips TV 2021: 4K Mini LED TVs, a 77 in OLED and Ambilight Coming This Year

Philips has just announced its full range of TVs for the year 2021. It’s a piece of excellent news for both categories’ users, those who are tempted by Mini LED technology and OLED enthusiasts. The renowned electronic manufacturer plans to introduce its 806 and 856 series of TVs to take on the upcoming series of TVs of LG C1. The users can differentiate the two with their stand design and the size in which they are available. The 806 series of TVs are available in 55 inches, 48 inches,  65 inches, and a massive 77 inch. But the 856 series of TVs are available in only two sizes, i.e., 65 inches and 55 inches.

Otherwise, both TV series share similar features like support for DTS  Play-Fi, a 2.1 sound system of 50W, Dolby Vision, HLG, and HDR10+. The company runs TVs based on Android technology. They have included support for HDMI 2.1  to the models introduced last year. It was done to improve the quality of the gamers. The inclusion of HDMI 2.1 means enhancing the potential of 4K and variable refresh rate at 120Hz, unlocking gameplay at the refresh rate of 120 per second on the gaming console.

For the people who are dreaded the burn-in threat of OLED, the electronic manufacturer will introduce the sets of this year with the new “anti-burn technology.” This technology can automatically detect the screen’s static areas, incredibly vulnerable, and reduce the local light output intensity to avoid any burn-in and without compromising the output of the screen’s other parts, such as new logos the scoreboard on any live match. There is also another way that can make you worry-free about the boogieman burn-in, and that is to use the Mini LED and screen technology of a different type. Philips is introducing this new screen technology, and Mini LED in its new 75 inches and 65 inches in 9506 and 9636 models.

The company has used tens of thousands of miniature LEDs in Mini LED in the backlight. It has been done to give you better brightness and contrast than LED-backlit LCD TVs, which are considered standard. The Philips 9636 has been equipped with the Bowers & Wilkins’ 3.1.2 sound system, which is the crucial difference between the 9506 and 9636 models. So, if the user has his sound system, then he can stick with 9506. Both models have the same processor that appeared in OLED sets offering advanced features like optimization of HDR or SD in ambient light and film detection mode. Also, both models have included HDMI 2.1 support to sigh relief to the next-gen online game players.

As yet, there is no information regarding the pricing of these TVs. These sets may come in mid of the year 2021. Also, Mini LED screens may come in the middle of this year, 2021. There are speculations that these sets may be expensive. So, the people with tight-budget may prefer the new Philips Ambilight TVs, which are set to come in the year 2021 in the form of VA 9206 in 65 inches or 55 inches or the LED 8506 that are to come in 75 inches, 70 inches, 65 inches,  43 inches, and 50 inches.

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SOURCE: Philips TV 2021: 4K Mini LED TVs, a 77 in OLED and Ambilight Coming This Year

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