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iOS 14: How To Enable iPhone Sound Recognition Alerts

Apple has made iOS 14 available for its users. Users can now get alerts about certain sounds in their surroundings on their Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. Before making iOS 14 available to the users, Apple added some great features to improve their devices’ accessibility. Apple significantly focused on the complete update to make it easier to use and tweak according to the users’ preferences.

Sound Recognition is one of the recent accessibility options provided by the company. Apple confirmed that the Sound Recognition feature uses “on-device intelligence” to listen for the noises in a surrounding and alert users who might be unaware of these sounds. It appears as an “on-screen” notification that provides the details about the detected sound. Although this feature has been developed for the users who have hearing-problem, many other users can also take advantage of this feature that may want to know the details regarding certain noises in their surroundings.

Should you enable Sound Recognition

Sound Recognition plays an important role by listening to the user’s surroundings for essential sounds that the user may not have heard. It is an entirely customizable setting. The Sound Recognition feature plays a vital role in alerting the user to a few sounds. So, even if you are not suffering from hearing-issue, it is still worth enabling this feature. This feature is also very beneficial for users who do not focus on a few noises in their surroundings because of their hectic schedules. This notification distracts their mind for a few seconds to provide the details regarding certain environmental noises.

To enable the feature of Sound Recognition, you need to open your settings app. Then you have to go through the accessibility menu. After that, under “Hearing,” you can find an option for Sound Recognition. After enabling this setting, you will choose from a variety of sounds. You can get notifications about alarms, animals, etc. After that, whenever the device detects the selected sounds, it will notify you with a notification, which will appear on-screen. If you want to disable this function, you can do this by visiting the iOS control center.

After discussing the newest feature, “Sound Recognition,” that came with the latest iOS 14, we have concluded that it is an essential feature for users with hearing problems. However, it is equally useful for all other users because they will also get notifications regarding certain sounds in their environment.

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SOURCE: iOS 14: How To Enable iPhone Sound Recognition Alerts


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